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    Photo Gallery

    Illinois-Friendly Flowers
    Black-eyed Susans and purple coneflower thrive.
    Containers Soften the Setting
    Urns overflowing with annuals brighten the entry.
    An Outdoor Dining Room
    Stone and floral “walls” outline the space.
    Poolside Entertaining
    Choices in seating keep guests near the fun.
    The Pool Takes Center Stage
    Bluestone amplifies the deep sapphire of the pool.
    Outdoor kitchen by pool in Golf, Illinois.
    A Full-Service Outdoor Kitchen
    Outdoor kitchen islands with built-in grills and more bring the party outside.
    Fall landscape photo used to illustrate fall clean-up
    A Bold Fall Palette
    Russet, orange and gold are striking in Fall.
    concrete paver walkway in barrington hills
    Interplay of Plantings and Pavers
    Winding pathways lead visitors through the garden.
    Hidden Jewels in Glenview
    A casual pathway heightens the sense of discovery.
    woodland shade garden with hosta and ferns
    Focus on Foliage
    Varied heights, textures and shades of green add impact.
    Balancing Formal and Informal
    A linear hedge leads the eye to casual bursts of color.
    A Burst of White in Glenview
    A pop of bright white stands out among all the color.
    The Finishing Touch—Containers
    Annuals in urns echo the colors of perennial beds.
    Extending Living Space Outdoors
    A patio augments interior space for entertaining.
    lake forest landscaping project by van zelst featuring gravel pathway.
    An Inviting Educational Environment
    Casual paths invite students and visitors outdoors.
    Glencoe landcaping project by Van Zelst features a pond and bluestone boulders.
    An Exotic Combination in Glencoe
    Colorful foliage complements many types of stone.
    A Grand City Entrance
    Flagstone and pavers form a unique welcome.
    outcropping with red sedum in full bloom
    A Seemingly Untouched Setting
    The outcropping retaining wall and perennials appear centuries old.
    lake geneva lawn care by van zelst
    Pavers Suit the Setting
    Formal stone patios branch casually into the turf.
    Stepping Up Formality
    Sculptures and urns evoke a formal feel indoors.
    Tumbled Paver Driveway in Lake Geneva Sets the Tone
    Easy curves and dappled pavers feel relaxed.
    A Spectacular Focal Point
    Plantings and stone culminate in a pleasing bronze.
    Defining a Friendly Space
    Framing the boundaries make a space more intimate.
    A Place to Decompress in Lake Forest
    Students can relax in a carved-out a seating area.
    seating area
    Combining Stone in New Ways
    Gravel, pavers and concrete work together artfully.
    Smart and Attractive Pathways
    Gravel allows rainwater to permeate into the soil.
    Color, Height and Texture
    Tall grasses attract attention from indoors and out.
    Barrington Hills Upgraded Driveway
    Pavers elevate the entry and complement the home.
    Extending the Home’s Aesthetic
    Bluestone walkways echo the lines of the house.
    Kinilworth concrete paver driveway
    Blending Stone in Kenilworth
    Clay and tumbled concrete pavers are a striking contrast.
    Hardscape as Hero in Kenilworth
    Planters and a mix of stones personalize the pool and spa.
    Stone Makes a Statement
    Flower beds keep the formal entry down to earth.
    Glenview’s Floral Fireworks
    Varied shapes and colors create a stunning whole.
    bluestone walkway surrounded by push beds of annual flowers
    Variegated Bluestone Pavers
    Variegated bluestone pavers make a seemingly random pattern feel easy and inviting in this Wilmette garden.
    A Spectrum of Greens
    A minimal color palette can have a big impact.
    Barrington Hills Paver Driveway
    A curved drive feels organic and inviting.
    Botanic Garden Perennials
    Lush plantings separate walkways from open space.
    Native Plants at the Chicago Botanic Garden
    A display of the beauty of Illinois wildflowers.
    Constant Color at the Chicago Botanic Garden
    Daylilies bloom brightly throughout the season.
    Chicago Botanic Garden Beds
    The fading sun intensifies pink and purple blooms.
    Chicago Botanic Garden Path
    Mounds of flowers offset dramatic blocks of green.
    Chicago Botanic Garden Fountaton
    Complementing the Chicago Botanic Garden
    Spiky foliage mimics the shapes of the water.
    Northbrook garden art featuring African sculpture
    A Sculptural Showcase in Northbrook
    Pavers and plantings lead to an African sculpture.
    Lake Bluff IL granite millstone fountain with Mexican black pebbles and impatiens installed by Van Zelst, Inc.
    Granite Millstone Fountain
    Water enhances the garden with peaceful sounds.
    front entry bed featuring mixed perennial border.
    A Blend of Colors and Textures
    Large drifts of perennials have a bold impact.
    lake bluff landscaping project by van zelst featuring bluestone patio.
    Bluestone Patio in Lake Bluff
    Multicolor flower beds welcome diners outdoors.
    Storybook Entry in Lake Bluff
    Mounds of pink impatiens add to the charming, picturesque scene.
    Van Zelst
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