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    Chicago Landscape Maintenance Services

    Professional Landscape Maintenance – Contracts, Lawn Care & Seasonal Clean-Up

    Professional landscape maintenance is the secret to thriving trees, plants and flowers.
    While it may be less expensive and tempting to bring in a company that provides basic “mow and blow” service, an investment in trees, perennials and hardscape deserves more skilled attention. That’s why many of our clients look to Van Zelst for ongoing landscape maintenance.

    A range of landscape maintenance options

    Every property and every homeowner is different. Some landscape maintenance clients ask us to provide basic mowing, edging and cleanup from week to week, enjoying the chance to get their hands dirty weeding, deadheading and dividing plants themselves. Others invite us in to manage every aspect of the garden, including handling pests and disease, pruning trees and shrubs, timing fertilizer to maintain nutrient-rich soil, and replanting annuals and container plants throughout the seasons.

    The Van Zelst team will be happy to sit down with you to outline a recommendation that encompasses the landscape maintenance responsibilities you’d like us to fulfill.

    Comprehensive plant care services

    Many clients look to us for:

    • Weeding, cultivation, pruning, dead-heading, fertilization and cleanup of perennial beds and shrubs
    • Planting and replanting of containers and annual beds
    • Edging and weeding of stone paths and hardscape features
    • Monitoring to anticipate and control disease and garden pests
    • Extensive autumn and spring cleanup, including power washing patios
    • Custom irrigation systems and watering programs
    • Removal of debris from ponds, waterfalls and fountains

    Hardscape maintenance

    Ensuring the continued safety and appeal of your garden’s hardscape—from the driveway and patio to grill surrounds and bridges—requires specific training and expertise.

    As part of our comprehensive maintenance services, the professional Van Zelst team monitors all hardscape elements, ensuring that joints aren’t eroding, stones or planks haven’t come loose and foundations remain secure. If anything is degrading or raises a warning flag, we address it before it can become a safety issue.

    In addition, we maintain the structures and plumbing associated with ponds, fountains and other water features, to ensure that the mechanicals are working properly and are prepared for the winter freeze.

    Talk to our landscape maintenance team

    Enjoy an effortlessly beautiful environment with the help of Van Zelst landscape maintenance. Call for a proposal today.

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