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    Water Features: Ponds, Streams & Fountain Installation

    Thinking about adding a custom water feature to your home’s landscape? You’re not alone. There’s something so soothing about the sound of moving water — it makes one instantly feel calmer and more relaxed. And Van Zelst’s expert landscape architects have real-world experience designing and installing water features of all types.

    Whether you’re looking for a cascading waterfall that flows from one level of your property to another, or have an idea for an artistic piece you want to transform into a gentle fountain, we can work with you to bring your ideas to life. Draw some inspiration from the water feature images shown below, then contact us to set up a free consultation.

    Reaching New Heights

    A multi-tiered water feature can add a sense of drama for the eyes AND the ears, as the sound of cascading water creates instant relaxation. Here, the homeowners selected a three-tiered stone fountain and basin surrounded by granite cobble pathways. Boxwood hedges and annual impatiens complement the woodland landscape.

    three tiered stone fountain

    An Element of Surprise

    Water features can add a sense of whimsy and surprise to more formal areas. Here, the homeowners accented their formal front yard space with a custom-forged patinaed fountain basin.

    galvanized basin fountain

    Custom Design

    Consider adding a water feature that is unique to your home and your style. Here, these Lake Geneva homeowners' opted for a custom-designed water feature that serves as the focal point for that area of their yard.

    Lake Geneva landscaping project by van zelst featuring large fountain and bronze statue.

    Repurpose Design

    When it comes to creating visually interesting water features, be willing to think outside the box. Here, the homeowners repurposed a granite millstone into a beautiful, unique water feature, allowing it to continue its life in the water in a whole different way.


    A Delightful Niche

    Adding a water feature is a great way to draw attention to an area of your outdoor space that may have otherwise been overlooked. Here, the edge of the patio includes a waterfall and pond, complete with thoughtful in-ground and container plantings of various textures, colors, and heights.


    More inspiration: Ideas we've collected from around the web

    A Flair for the Dramatic

    Adding a water feature to your pool is a fabulous way to increase its beauty— and your enjoyment. Here, the homeowners opted for a stacked stone wall with four separate waterfall fountains that constantly spill water over the stone's edge into the in-ground pool

    A Standalone Feature

    Sometimes, homeowners opt to build water features into their landscape using retaining walls and sunken ponds. But standalone water features are also a great option for adding the soothing sounds of running water to your outdoor space.

    Common Elements

    Water features are available in all kinds of shapes and styles, from rustic to clean and contemporary. Here, the homeowner selected a custom-created concrete water bowl—its clean lines echo the curve of the bench and the fire bowl.

    More than One

    What's better than a single water feature? How about two! Here, the homeowners adorn their rectangular lap pool with two contemporary water bowls that cascade water over the edge and into the pool.

    Contemporary Water Features

    Moving water can soften and warm a contemporary landscape, helping it feel more inviting. Here, the homeowners opted for a blade feature that allows a full sheet of water to move from one level of the landscaping to the next.

    Add Aural and Visual Interest with a Custom Water Feature

    A custom water feature can make your property look, feel, and even sound more inviting—but it’s important to get the details just right. Contact us now to set up an appointment for a free consultation.

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