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    Garden / Landscape Retaining Wall Installation

    Low walls, crafted out of brick or stone, add structure and flow to the landscape. See how to incorporate garden walls into your space.

    A stone garden / retaining wall can impart a sense of privacy and intimacy, outline an outdoor dining room or seating area, and add structure and flow to the landscape. Garden walls can be constructed from a wide variety of stone types, from natural-looking field stone to sophisticated bluestone slabs. Depending upon the arrangement, the garden wall can further enhance the overall aesthetic, from an easy curve around informal plantings, or strict angles in a more formal setting.

    Walls that are Professionally Installed by Van Zelst

      • Variety of stone types and combinations
      • Design by a registered landscape architect
      • Integration with the home, plantings and other hardscape
      • Skilled installation by in-house stonemasons
      • Careful site and foundation preparation
      • Ability to withstand severe freeze-thaw cycles

    Combine stones for a unique effect

    A garden wall of stone veneer, capped with thick bluestone slabs, defines the outdoor dining room and doubles as impromptu seating.
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    Extend the building’s aesthetic

    A stone wall guides visitors through the landscape, using stone that integrates perfectly with the neighboring building materials.
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    Guide views through the plantings

    A new stone seatwall, aged to look as if it’s been here for decades, draws visitors’ eyes through the landscape and gives them a place to rest.
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    Add structure and visual interest

    bluestone steps on fieldstone slabs in winnetka, il
    Low stone garden walls, arranged to echo the geometry of the home and hedges, add to the formal air to the garden.
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