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    Custom Spa Design and Installation

    Van Zelst Spa Services

    Are you interested in adding a water feature to your home that can improve your mood and your health? Consider adding a hot tub or spa. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes, spas are a great addition to a yard that has existing water features like a pool, but are also perfect as a standalone water feature in a smaller yard.

    Spas offer a number of benefits, including:

    • Providing real health benefits: Soaking in a hot tub not only feels good but can actually have a positive impact on your health
    • Giving you a longer outdoor season: A built-in spa allows you to enjoy your outdoor living area later in the fall and earlier in the spring
    • Enhancing your landscape and your lifestyle: A spa creates a beautiful focal point for your yard and a great place to relax
    • Adding value to your home: Spas are desirable features that can make your home attractive to potential buyers

    Let the expert landscape and hardscape architects at Van Zelst create and install a spa that gives you a beautiful space to de-stress at the end of a long day. Take a look at some of our recent spa projects below, then contact us for a complimentary consultation.

    Spa/Pool Combination

    Did you know that it's possible to add a spa to your existing pool? A spa can help enhance your enjoyment of your outdoor space, and adding one close to your pool means you can reduce costs and make maintenance easier. Here, the homeowners' stacked stone spa adjoins their pool, allowing them to enjoy a cool swim followed by a warm soak.

    stacked stone spa in kenilworth il

    Standalone Spa

    Some homeowners prefer to keep their spa separate from their pool, creating two distinct areas in their backyard. Here, the homeowners opted for a raised spa with enough room at the top for towels, beverages, or even simply sitting and enjoying the area. Thoughtful landscaping provides a sense of privacy without closing the spa off from the backyard.

    raised lannon stone spa with smooth concrete coping

    More inspiration: Ideas we've collected from around the web

    Custom Spa

    When adding a spa or hot tub to your outdoor living space, virtually the only limit to your design choices is your imagination! This built-in spa is surrounded by a larger pool with built-in water features. The outdoor pool gazebo— complete with dining area, a cozy fireplace, and a hammock—creates the perfect space for relaxing and entertaining friends.

    Multiple Activity Spaces

    A custom spa can be just another way to enjoy your outdoor living space. Here, the homeowners have a pergola-covered dining area surrounded by thoughtful landscaping and accent lighting. A few steps down is a comfortable seating area with a built-in firepit that can also be enjoyed from the spa.

    Curved Lines

    To create a sense of cohesion between outdoor elements, ensure that the "lines" of featured elements are similar. In this backyard, the curve of the spa is echoed in the curve of the seating wall. The spa's waterfall spills over into the pool, creating a sense of drama and movement.

    Custom Shape

    Spas can be customized to virtually any size or shape you desire. Here, the homeowners wanted an inset spa that complemented the home's large pool. Custom in-spa lighting provides ample light for enjoying the spa, whether indulging in a soak or looking out upon the backyard from the covered patio.

    Classic French Country

    Your spa can reflect any style you choose, adding beauty to your outdoor space. Here, the homeowners extended their French Country theme with a simple yet elegant spa, flanked by a water feature. Rectangular pavers echo the shape and shade of stones used elsewhere in the garden, and allow homeowners easy access between the spa and the house.

    Modern Spa

    The materials, design, and lighting you select for your spa can really set the mood for your entire backyard living space. Here, the homeowners chose a spa with clean lines to complement the home's contemporary design. In-spa and in-pool lighting add a cool pop of color to the backyard, reinforcing its modern look and feel.

    Time to Get in Touch About Your Spa?

    If you’re ready to take advantage of the many benefits spas have to offer, Van Zelst can help you make it happen. Get in touch with one of our expert landscape architects today for a consultation. Simply call or email for more information on how you go from thinking about a spa to relaxing in your spa.

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