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Photo Gallery

Shade Garden Seating in Park Ridge IL
A shady spot to sit and relax along a flagstone stepper pathway.
Prairie Dropseed Grass | Exploded Flagstone Patio
Prairie Dropseed grass next to exploded flagstone patio.
Front Entry Landscape | Park Ridge IL Garden
The front entry landscaping in this Park Ridge IL garden welcomes everyone in.
Park Ridge IL Backyard Landscape
Backyard landscaping featuring lush perennial beds.
Multiple Seating Areas | Large Bluestone Patio
Large bluestone patio with multiple seating areas in Park Ridge IL.
Mailbox Planter in Park Ridge IL Garden
Whimsical mailbox planted with annuals.
Island Planting Beds with Columnar Maples
Island plant beds lined in Valders stone cobbles.
Planting Island | Bluestone Patio | Park Ridge IL Garden
Pachysandra in planting islands provides punch of green.
Shaded Walkway | Flagstone Steppers | Redbud Specimen Tree
Shaded flagstone stepper walkway with a specimen redbud tree.
Cupola Garden Art | Mixed Border | Park Ridge Landscape
Cupola garden art made by the homeowner is the focal point of the garden.
Cherub on Lannonstone Seat Wall
Cherub with wings sits pensively on a lannon stone seat wall in Park Ridge IL garden.
Built-in Grill Island | Park Ridge IL
Built-in grill island clad in stone and topped with bluestone.
Bocce Ball Court in Park Ridge IL
Regulation bocce ball court covered with crushed sea shells.
Bluestone Steps | Rock Face
Rock faced bluestone slab steps with path lighting in verde finish.
Bicycle Garden Art | Blue Spruce Backdrop | Park Ridge IL Garden
Bicycle garden art complete with planted basket.
Yellow Creeping Jenny and Purple Creeping Thyme Line Walkway
An over-sized bluestone walkway is planted with Creeping Jenny and Creeping Thyme.
Seating by the Pool in Wadsworth IL
Red clay pavers outlined with Valders stone sets the stage for seating by the pool.
Black Bottomed Pool in Wadsworth IL | Natural Setting
Black bottomed pool set in natural setting.
Red Knock Out Roses Frame Front Entry View
The red Knockout roses contrast beautifully with the white cladding on the house.
Front Entry Courtyard Garden with Fountain
This formal front entry courtyard features a sunken urn fountain.
Columnar Maples Soften Home’s Exterior
“Autumn Blaze” columnar maples soften the exterior of the home and provide brilliant Fall color.
Brick Walkway with Bluestone Inlay Surrounds Sunken Urn Water Feature
Front entry courtyard with water feature surrounded by bluestone and lined with cobbles.
Red Brick Area Rug by Pool
Red brick pool surround set in herringbone pattern with “area rug” under chaise lounge.
Black Bottom Pool with Boulder Retaining Wall
Black bottom pool and boulder retaining wall made from WI granite.
elevated outdoor dining room
Elevated Bluestone Patio Ringed in Limestone Outcropping
This elevated bluestone patio is ringed in outcropping stone.
bee balm and hummelo lamb's ear in full bloom
Bee Balm and Hummelo Lamb’s Ear in Full Bloom
This large sweeping perennial bed is bursting with color with purple Hummelo lamb’s ear in the foreground to the crimson red of the bee balm.
raised lannon stone spa with smooth concrete coping
Raised Lannon Stone Spa with Smooth Concrete Coping
This raised Lannon stone spa features smooth concrete coping.
tuscan home with pool and spa in glenview il
Tuscan Home with Pool and Spa in Glenview, IL
Beautifully integrated pool, patio, and spa in Glenview, IL.
woodland garden in bull valley il
Woodland Landscape in Bull Valley IL
This woodland home in Bull Valley, Illinois features lush sweeping beds of purple and pink astilbe, white Annabelle hydrangea, and bee balm.
pink astilbe and white annabelle hydrangea
Pink Astilbe and White Annabelle Hydrangea
Densely planted beds of pink astilbe and white Annabelle hydrangea with stone retaining wall in the background.
outcropping stone terraces and steps
Outcropping Stone Terraces and Steps in Bull Valley IL
Outcropping stone steps and terraced walls overflowing with purple perennial geranium, astilbe, and pockets of day lilies to come.
large astilbe bed with outcropping stone retaining wall in background
Large Astilbe Bed with Outcropping Retaining Wall
Closeup of a large astilbe bed in full bloom.
closeup of pink and white summer phlox
Closeup of Pink and White Summer Phlox
A range of pink and white phlox bloom throughout the late summer in this Bull Valley, IL garden.
Bluestone and Natural Stone Fire Pit
A built-in stone fire pit is ideal for cooler evenings outdoors.
Complementary Colors in Glenview
Chaise cushions amplify the tones of bluestone, trees and leaves.
View from the Water in Twin Lakes
An impressive view of outcropping stone and low plantings.
kenilworth flagstone firepit
Kenilworth Flagstone Firepit
A 42″ wide flagstone firepit with 16″ wide bluestone coping is the perfect place to sit by the fire.
Outdoor Kitchen Island and Grill with Bluestone Countertop
In this Glenview, Illinois outdoor kitchen, the island and grill are topped with bluestone and the walls are Lannon stone.
A Carpet of Bluestone in Glenview
An outdoor living room sits comfortably on decomposed bluestone.
Summer Color in Glenview
A bluestone pool deck with bullnose limestone coping is surrounded by lush, vibrant perennials.
Colorful, Shade-Friendly Begonias
Vibrant, robust begonias are the perfect annuals for planting beneath shade trees.
formal garden overflowing with hydrangeas in winnetka illinois
Stunning Formal Garden in Winnetka, Illinois
Boxwood shrubs enclose perennial plant beds overflowing with hydrangeas.
Outcropping Stone in Twin Lakes
Giant slabs in chestnut hues define the landscape.
bluestone walk with formal boxwood hedge and decomposed granite drive
Front Yard Landscaping Creates an Impressive Winnetka Entry
This magnificent home’s garden extends beautifully into the front yard.
winnetka blustone pool deck
Elegant Winnetka Bluestone Patio and Pool Deck
Large bluestone patio pavers enhance the sophistication of the pool deck, complementing the tones of pool house and the in-ground pool itself.
Adding Water to a Glenview Landscape
A sunken urn-shaped fountain provides a rustic, sensory touch.
raised stone fire pit on flagstone patio
Raised Stone Fire Pit Surrounded by Flagstone
This flagstone patio area features a raised fire pit clad in Lannon stone and topped in bluestone.
Incorporating Garden Art in Northbrook
A friendly cherub rests among mature green and variegated hostas, and bold giant alliums.
fountain surrounded by curved bluestone in winnetka illinois
Winnetka Bluestone Patio Draws Focus to a Garden Fountain
Arced lines and a bronze garden fountain soften the geometry of the formal landscape, while adding the relaxing sounds of water to the classic setting.
Van Zelst
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