Landscape Installation

Professional Installation of Hardscapes and Plants

The success of any landscape design depends on how it is installed.

That’s why—from preparing the ground to building hardscape elements and properly planting perennials, shrubs and trees—Van Zelst relies on our own in-house construction staff to ensure that everything meets our high standards of quality.

You may not see the difference right away, but we believe that proper landscape installation is key to a beautiful design that remains healthy and robust for years to come.

Your landscape installation team

When you work with Van Zelst landscape architects, your landscape installation team is comprised of members experienced in all the necessary trades. This includes:

  • Landscape architect
  • Project manager
  • Engineers for irrigation, plumbing, structures and more
  • Construction manager
  • Stone masons
  • Field managers
  • Horticulturists
  • Foresters

Together, your team is trained in every aspect of landscape design and construction, and is familiar with using a wide range of plants and materials. Led by your primary landscape architect and point person, they work together to seamlessly develop an exquisite landscape that brings your ideas to life.

In addition, we remain just the right size that our company leadership is always available to our clients, and is often involved in the day-to-day efforts of our teams.

Quality plants and materials

At Van Zelst, we believe that it’s critical to install only the highest quality plants, stone and other materials. After all, we create landscapes intended to remain safe and healthy for years to come. We work closely with respected providers who consistently provide the exacting quality we require. In addition, 90% of the perennials we use are grown from seeds or cuttings in our on-site nursery. We believe that’s the best way to ensure that we always deliver the superior plant stock our clients deserve.

Find out how we can make your landscape installation a stress-free event. Talk to the Van Zelst team today.