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    The Advantages of a Landscape Design-Build Firm

    It all Starts with a Plan

    The Design-Build Process

    A 3D rendering illustrates how the new outdoor living space will work for the family. Many clients find it helpful to visualize the plan this way, rather than by looking at an architectural drawing.

    How We Do It

    As a landscape design-build firm, Van Zelst specializes in the design as well as the construction of beautiful landscapes. Our team offers a streamlined, thorough and personal experience. Here are just a few ways our landscape design-build services make the process easier and more cost effective for you:

    • Design for the real world. As the team responsible for installation, we know that our designs are viable and sound, and that they can be completed on time and on budget.
    • Time-saving coordination. Our in-house architecture, site preparation, planting and stonemason teams work together seamlessly, so there are no scheduling surprises. Your project continues to move forward, without waiting to coordinate various contractors’ schedules.
    • Simplified communication. A single point of contact throughout the landscape design and build phases of the project minimizes the potential for error and gives you just one person to call when you have a question.
    • Superior quality. The Van Zelst team grows the majority of the plants we use in our own nursery, and carefully selects all stone and other supplies from trusted partners. As a result, you’re ensured only the healthiest, hardiest plantings and high-quality hardscape materials are installed on your property.
    • Exacting standards. Your project manager will remain involved from the first meeting until the last flower has been planted, so we can answer every question, address every detail, and deliver the beautiful landscape you imagine.
    The sweeping backyard was underutilized, devoted fully to a difficult-to-maintain lawn and uninspiring deck.
    rear yard showing pergola, patio, and seating areas.
    By managing all steps from initial concept through landscape design, build and ongoing customer service, the Van Zelst team is able to avoid surprises along the way. As a result, finished landscapes often align very closely to the initial plan.

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