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Photo Gallery

creeping thyme planted in gaps of flagstone patio
Loosely Set Flagstone with Creeping Thyme Planted in the Gaps
Sit and relax is this conversation area.
mixed perennial bed with multi-colored flowers
Perennial Flowers in Every Color
Sweeps of purple stachys, red bee balm, white shasta daisy, yellow black-eyed susan and green sedum are tidy yet casual.
A Shady Seat in a Glenview Landscape
A built-in seatwall is perfect for admiring summer blooms.
Glenview Gourmet Outdoor Kitchen
Bluestone and Lanon stone elevate the stainless steel grill and preferred accessories to a chef-ready level.
Winnetka Residence with New Blue Stone Pool Decking
Inviting Blues
The bluestone pool deck is welcoming yet refined.
Gathering Hot Spot
Lannon stone, bluestone and gravel surround the fire pit.
Bluestone Seatwall Cap by Van Zelst, Inc.
New Bluestone Seatwall Cap
An existing wall is refreshed with new bluestone.
Pink, Blue and White Blooms
Hydrangeas, hostas, vinca and impatiens thrive in the shade.
Interplay of Hardscape
Bluestone pavers pair well with Lannon stone walls.
A Weathered Waterfall in Northbrook
The pool and seatwall appear aged to match existing stone.
flagstone patio with grasses
Flagstone Outdoor Living Room Surrounded by Color and Life
Abundant grasses and blooms surround this outdoor living room.
Maximizing a Glenview Patio
An elevated bluestone deck offers sweeping views.
Light, Color and Texture
Varying shapes and sizes create a layered landscape.
Entertaining Outdoors in Kenilworth
Tumbled concrete pavers create a casual atmosphere.
Striking Seasonal Views
Flower beds provide pleasing views from the home and walkways.
A Colorful Landscape in Glenview
A stone wall holds spirited flowers and shrubs in check.
A Layer of Sophistication
Jerusalem limestone slabs elevate the tone of the patio.
Built-in Barbecue Grill in Lake Forest
A red brick grill surround matches the home’s exterior and patio.
Combining Stone Types in Northbrook
Deftly handled, stone can be mixed to great effect.
stone walkway with creeping thyme and colorful container
Naturalized Walkway
Creeping thyme and bluestone lead through shady, low plantings.
Outdoor Fire Pit in Highland Park
Bluestone and Lannon stone combine for a cozy built-in backyard fire pit.
redbud tree with spring bulbs
Blooms Herald Spring
Redbud blossoms and bulbs provide long-awaited color.
closeup of exploded bluestone patio
Closeup of Exploded Flagstone Patio
This overhead detail photo shows the exploded flagstone patio with creeping thyme planted between the joints.
Hardscape Brings People Together
The pool deck, patio and fire pit draw groups of different sizes.
Wildflowers Go Wild
Native plants bloom with abandon in their natural habitat.
Enhancing the Natural Flow
Stone garden walls and walkways lead through the plantings.
Driveways look their best with reclaimed clay pavers
Reclaimed Clay Paver Driveway in Glenview
Weathered, variegated reclaimed clay paver bricks complement the home’s exterior.
Supporting the Stone Riverbank
Natural-looking walls shore up plantings and patios.
bluestone patio with wrought iron chaise lounge
Perennials Thrive in Sun and Shade from Spring through Fall
One of the hallmarks of Van Zelst landscape design is continuous color throughout the season.
fountain shaped like a goose with mexican black pebbles and impatiens
Whimsical Water Feature
A river rock bed adds a glossy sheen to the plant beds.
Containers Overflow with Color
Terra cotta pots extend the lively garden up onto the patio.
Custom Built Sunkin Firepit
Bluestone Gravel and Stone Fire Pit
A rustic, sunken, outdoor fire pit, nestled among plentiful trees and plantings.
shade garden with birdbath in the foreground
A Mature Shade Garden in Wilmette
Giant hosta leaves gain more texture each year.
Subtle, Successful Upgrades
New areas were installed to match original structures.
Native Plants Thrive
Drifts of flowers feel natural and unplanned.
A Friendly Welcome
Giant Annabelle hydrangeas cheerfully greet arrivals.
Informal Take on Bluestone
Bluestone chips and Dragon’s Blood sedum create a casual air.
Gracious Kenilworth Pool House
A warmly appointed addition offers expansive garden views.
Stone Firepit in Dundee
A stone firepit echoes the building’s original exterior.
Pretty in Pink
Reds, pinks and purples pop against a green backdrop.
Bluestone Pool Deck in Winnetka
A shady spot provides views of the plantings and pool.
Naturally Beautiful Bluestone
A curved bluestone walk feels friendly yet polished.
Glenview landscaping project featuring Lannon stone and bluestone spa.
Lannon Stone and Bluestone Spa in Glenview
The spa fills the landscape with the relaxing sounds of a waterfall.
large perennial bed in bristol wi
Large Swaths of a Few Plant Species Make an Impressive Impact
Large swaths of a few plants provide impact.
A Haven for Wildlife
The landscape is home to more than 250 species of birds.
Popular Patio Seating
Visitors can relax near the bubbling trout stream.
Perennial Beds in Bloom
Mixing heights, colors and textures adds interest.
An Urban Garden in Lincoln Park Makes the Most of a Small Space
Varying plant heights maximizes a small space.
Natural Stone Wood Burning Fire Pit
The centerpiece of an inviting outdoor living room all summer long.
Glencoe pond
Natural Bluestone Boulders in Glencoe Pond
Natural bluestone boulders provide eye-catching color.
Van Zelst
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