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    Flagstone Steppers

    Shade Garden Seating in Park Ridge IL

    shady-garden-seating-park-ridge-il A shady spot to sit and relax along a flagstone stepper pathway.
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    Shaded Walkway | Flagstone Steppers | Redbud Specimen Tree

    flagstone-stepper-path-side-garden-park-ridge-il Shaded flagstone stepper walkway with a specimen redbud tree.
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    Flagstone Outdoor Living Room Surrounded by Color and Life

    flagstone patio with grasses Abundant grasses and blooms surround this outdoor living room. In the foreground, a dense carpet of ajuga with their dark puckered leaves meet with tall grasses. Across the flagstone walkway is a large perennial bed bursting with color from white shasta daisies, red bee balm, purple stachys, and orange daylilies.
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    Striking Seasonal Views

    Flower beds provide pleasing views from the home and walkways.
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    New Stone Walkway Each Season

    Flowering plants are staged for new views from week to week.
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    Flagstone Patio with Creeping Thyme in Northbrook

    flagstone patio with creeping thyme Sheltered by perennials, an idyllic place to chat.
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    A Clean Place to Rest Your Eyes

    A white bridge is refreshing among the bold hues.
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    Van Zelst
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