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    Lawn Care

    An expanse of thick, green turf grass is the epitome of summer—inviting people to play games and walk barefoot, and family pets to lie in the sun. But lawn care can be a great deal of work. So many Van Zelst clients leave weekly lawn care to the professional Van Zelst landscape maintenance team.

    lake geneva lawn care by van zelst
    An expansive lawn provides plenty of area for relaxation or play.

    Weekly lawn care services

    • Mowing and trimming of turf grass areas
    • Edging of pavement, sidewalk, patios and the driveway (once per month)
    • Clean-up, removal and disposal of landscape waste and grass clippings
    Van Zelst, Inc., Winnetka Residence
    Van Zelst, Inc., Winnetka Residence

    Specialized pest and weed services

    In addition to routine services, the Van Zelst maintenance team will take special steps to keep your lawn lush and green, including:

    • Application of crabgrass weed control in early spring to help prevent weed seeds from germinating
    • Three applications of broadleaf weed control to keep weeds at bay throughout the warm weather—with applications in late spring, summer and late summer
    • Treatment of all lawn areas to control white grub infestation

    Worm-based, organic nutrients

    Many of our clients choose organic fertilizer as a better option for their families and pets. Van Zelst works closely with TerraVesco, maker of Vermicompost and Vermi-extract soil amendments made from worm castings. Vermicompost is created in carefully controlled worm beds, in which organic matter is transformed into weed- and disease-free organic fertilizer. These products can be mixed into the soil or sprayed onto plants to add nutrients as needed throughout the season. Research proves that these high-performance worm compost products introduce important organic nutrients into the soil, nourishing plants and fighting disease and pests.

    Leave the lawn care to Van Zelst

    Summer in northern Illinois and southeast Wisconsin is too short to spend your time mowing and adding fertilizer. Let the Van Zelst lawn care team keep your lawn beautiful and worry-free. Contact us today.

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