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    Glenview, IL Residential Landscaping—Design, Installation, Maintenance

    Ready to Design Your Own Glenview, Illinois Landscape?

    Your Local Residential Landscape Designers, Installers & Lawn Care Contractors

    Landscape Design | Landscape Installation | Landscape Maintenance

    If your Glenview landscape is in dire need of a makeover, turn to the landscape experts with proven experience. Turn to Van Zelst. For nearly 40 years, our landscape architects have worked with clients in Glenview and throughout the North Shore to transform their landscapes and to help them get more enjoyment out of their outdoor spaces.

    Not sure where to start? That’s okay! Our full service landscape designers and lawn maintenance professionals are here to guide you through the process. We work step-by-step to help you develop your vision and brainstorm ideas. Whether you have Pinterest boards of exactly the landscape you want or all you know is that you need help with maintenance services, we’re ready to help you make it happen.



    What Our Clients Are Saying:

    I told them what I was looking to have done in my backyard and since I don't have a large knowledge of different kinds of flowers and plants, Art was able to recommend many different kinds. I was able to pick and choose what I wanted planted. They gave me a year guarantee on everything they planted so when I found that a few of my rose bushes had actually died over the winter, they replaced them no problem. They actually went above and beyond and replaced a few other plants that had also not made it through the winter that I hadn't noticed. Very easy to work with and the work is amazing.

    --Sarah McGraw

    Dave has provided exceptional service to us for a long time. He has a keen eye for the landscape design, maximizes the value at all stages of planning, planting, and on-going caring. Thanks to him, we have enjoyed our patch of heaven all these years. Highly recommend to the most discerning clients.

    —Alok Sharma

    Bringing Italy to Illinois

    How do you bring Tuscany to Glenview? That was the challenge in a recent Van Zelst project where the homeowner tore down the original home to build their Italianate dream home. Van Zelst kicked off the project by working with the homeowner to address potential drainage issues and identify which mature trees would remain in the new landscape plan that would be unique and serene.

    raised lannon stone spa with smooth concrete coping
    tuscan home with pool and spa in glenview il
    large multi-tier composite stone fountain

    The landscape is filled with surprises. As you traverse down a pathway built from bluestone and bordered with clay pavers, you’ll happen upon a built-in firepit beneath a shady tree canopy. Similar to the spa, Van Zelst’s designers used Lannon stone to build the sides of the fire pit, topping it with a wide lip of bluestone suitable for holding beverages or plates. Dense groundcover plants surround the area, giving it a serene, private feel.

    Van Zelst’s landscape architects worked with the homeowners to create a comprehensive landscape plan that included several different outdoor living areas suitable for entertaining or quietly relaxing. The Tuscany-inspired feel flows through the spa and the pool area hardscape, where the raised Lannon stone spa sits nestled near the pool. Smooth concrete coping adorns both the spa and the pool, creating a clean, consistent look for both.

    The homeowners are avid gardeners and had a huge list of plants and flowers they loved. Working with Van Zelst, they narrowed down their wish list to a New American-style theme, choosing hardy perennial grasses and flowers that would thrive in their Glenview environment. The container plants throughout the yard are regularly updated depending on what is in season. The pool deck, comprised of bluestone slabs, offers plenty of space for soaking in the sun.

    Located opposite the front door across the auto court, this large multi-tier composite stone fountain is a dramatic focal point that attracts birds with its soothing sounds. Surrounded by annuals and a low boxwood hedge, the plantings help visually break up the granite pathway. The mature trees surrounding the area add privacy.

    Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

    Some homeowners prefer a yard filled with greenery with pops of color here and there, but other homeowners take a “more is better” attitude when it comes to flowers. On a recent project in Glenview, our homeowners were definitely the latter; they had seen Van Zelst’s work in a magazine and got in touch with us because they knew we could work magic with beautiful blooms.


    Red roses and bluestone were the themes of these homeowners’ landscape design, and the VanZelst team helped bring their vision to reality. The team installed a new bluestone patio in the existing dining area and planted more than 30 long-blooming rose bushes as the foundation for the new landscape. They also planted supplementary Arborvitae at the rear of the property to provide additional privacy to the garden and dining area.

    Attention to detail is the name of the game, and small additions like a fireplace and outdoor seating can turn a great space into the perfect space. Additionally, the Van Zelst team was able to incorporate the homeowners’ love of bountiful flowers into nearly every area of the landscape, with perennial flowers of varying heights, colors, shapes and sizes on display.

    In another seating area, Van Zelst and the homeowners chose bluestone chips as flooring, providing a more casual feel for a spot to enjoy the sight and scent of the blooms. A quirky bird bath invites feathered friends to enjoy the water and the view. The addition of the new pergola adds height and drama to the backyard, yet looks completely natural—as if it has been part of the landscape for years.

    For Glenview Landscaping Services Near You, Contact Us

    Does your Glenview landscape have your favorite flowers and your favorite materials? Are you able to use your backyard the way you want to use it? Does your current provider have a customer service team? If not, you need to get in touch with the expert landscape architects at Van Zelst. We do both residential and commercial work. Contact us today for a no-cost consultation.

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