Working With Van Zelst: Concepts and Budgets

Working with Van Zelst

What do you envision for your landscape? At Van Zelst, our goal is to create a landscape and garden design that not only brings that vision to life, but complements it in ways you may not have imagined. Here’s what to expect when working with us.

Your initial meeting with the landscape architecture team

When we first sit down together, your Van Zelst landscape architect will want to know all about your family, your home and more. For example:

  • Do you entertain often? What’s your entertainment style? Whether it’s informal cookouts in your outdoor kitchen or elegant sit-down dinners, this will help guide your design.
  • What is and isn’t working for you now? Many of our North Shore clients, for example, have drainage issues. For others, we’ve addressed challenges from replacing invasive plants to removing unused swimming pools and improving backyard views.
  • How would you like to personalize your landscape? From fountains and outdoor sculptures to incorporating favorite color schemes, we love helping homeowners express themselves.

Together, we’ll walk through the property discussing these questions, considering your home’s architecture and materials, sharing initial thoughts and getting to know you before we ever put pencil to paper.

Reviewing landscape concepts

Van Zelst illustration of fire pit and lawn steps.

Perspective drawing of lawn steps and fire pit.

Digital sketchup of pool, spa, pergola, and deck.

Digital sketchup of pool, spa, pergola, and deck.

Seeing initial landscape design ideas is exciting. At the first concept meeting, everything comes together, including:

  • Our additional recommendations for achieving your vision while enhancing the garden aesthetics and flow
  • How new and existing plantings can work together
  • Living areas and special features, such as fountains or ponds, patios, outdoor kitchens and pool decks
  • Color schemes and the types of plants and materials that can work well in your space

You’ll see a range of approaches that achieve your goals in different ways. For most clients, the hardest part is deciding what they like best. Once you’ve had time to consider the options, we’ll create final landscape drawings and detailed plant and hardscape recommendations.

Managing your landscape budget

Van Zelst has worked with expansive North Shore and Lake Geneva estates as well as small city homes. We always provide a detailed proposal outlining the costs associated with each option we present.

We also maximize value by:

  • Doing our best to retain existing plantings, trees and hardscape that can be integrated into the new plan
  • Offering options to phase the project over multiple seasons
  • Managing costs to stay on target

Our team expertly estimates the time and hardscape materials and plants needed, so there are no surprises. Changes are always estimated and agreed upon before proceeding.

Find out what Van Zelst can do for you. Call us to set up a complimentary meeting today.

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