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    Spring Clean-Up | Fall Clean-Up

    Our climate changes drastically throughout the year, and this impacts everything from the health of your trees and shrubs to your lighting and irrigation systems. That's why the Van Zelst team takes special care with an intensive spring clean-up and fall clean-up to prepare the landscape for what's to come.

    redbud tree with spring bulbs
    Garden beds that are clear of debris showcase the spring bulbs and redbud blossoms.

    Spring clean-up landscape services

    When the snow is melting and temperatures begin to rise, the Van Zelst professional landscape maintenance team visits each of our clients to prepare planting beds and hardscape features for the months ahead. This in-depth spring clean-up service includes:

    • Clean-up, removal and off-site disposal of landscape debris that has accumulated in the planting beds and turf grass over the winter months
    • Cultivation, weeding and spade edging of garden beds and tree rings to define and maintain a groomed appearance
    • Edging of all hardscape surfaces, including driveways, sidewalks, patios and pool decks
    • Cutting back of any remaining perennials and grasses that added visual interest over the winter, as needed
    • Application of a granular herbicide on planting beds to help control early weed germination
    • Application of slow-release granular fertilizer to planted beds.
    • In addition, our team attends to hardscape—power washing patios and checking on the function of the irrigation system, fountains, lighting and other elements.
    Fall landscape photo used to illustrate fall clean-up
    Russet, orange and gold are striking in Fall.

    Fall clean-up landscape services

    As the leaves drop, generally in November, the Van Zelst maintenance team performs fall clean-up duties to ready the landscape for winter. This includes:

    • Careful clean-up and removal of fallen leaves and other landscape debris from planting beds and turf grass areas
    • Cutting back perennials that won't provide winter interest
    • Removal of any remaining seasonal annuals
    • Winterizing irrigation systems and water features

    Make sure your landscape shines throughout the seasons. Talk to the Van Zelst team about spring and fall clean-up services today.

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