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    Wadsworth, IL Residential Landscape Architects & Contractors

    Dramatic Before & After Backyard in Wadsworth:

    Your Local Landscape Designers, Installers & Lawn Maintenance Pros

    Create an inviting outdoor space that makes the most of Wadsworth's natural beauty—with the help of the Van Zelst landscape architecture, installation and maintenance teams. Each of our unique landscape designs begins with our client's lifestyles and personal tastes, with the goal of bringing your vision to life. As a result, we have won many awards for Lake County landscaping, and have been invited to design spaces within the Chicago Botanic Garden.

    Whether you're seeking an all-new landscape that reflects your personal entertaining and lifestyle, you have a specific need or challenge to address, or you simply want to refresh your plantings and stonework, Van Zelst will work closely with you to achieve your goals. We have enhanced nearby properties to include beautiful bluestone patios, tumbled concrete driveways, and colorful perennial flowers that bloom throughout the seasons.

    The Van Zelst team has great experience in addressing Wadsworth landscaping challenges such as emerald ash borer and drainage issues. What's more, we are strong advocates of making green spaces greener, through the use of environmentally friendly landscaping practices, installing permeable pavers, recycling yard waste and more.

    The skilled, dedicated Van Zelst team provides a full range of Wadsworth landscaping services, from site analysis, design and planting, to careful stonework installation that will withstand our extreme temperature changes. We also provide ongoing professional maintenance for many of our clients, to keep their landscapes ready to enjoy throughout the warmer months. Contact Van Zelst today for ideas that will complement and enhance your property, as well as your enjoyment of your home.

    In the meantime, we thought these local gardening and conservation resources may be of interest to you:

    • Antioch Garden Club—Help maintain public gardens, participate in garden walks and events, and share your love of the outdoors in nearby Antioch.
    • Lake County Forest Preserves—Take advantage of the area's extensive natural space and resources.
    • Chicago Botanic Garden—Ideas and tips for your own garden, including plants well-suited to Wadsworth landscaping, gardening publications and inspiring landscape photos.

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