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    Park Ridge, IL Residential Landscape Architects & Contractors

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    Are you ready to create the outdoor living space you’ve always dreamed of? Van Zelst can help. For more than four decades, we’ve helped homeowners in Park Ridge and throughout the greater Chicago area to turn average outdoor landscapes into spectacular showpieces that are as beautiful as they are comfortable and welcoming. Get in touch today for a free consultation.

    At Van Zelst, our professional designers and landscape architects have experience creating stunning outdoor spaces that are perfect for relaxing and unwinding with family or entertaining friends and colleagues. From beginning to end, we’ll work with you to develop a landscape and hardscape plan that works for your property, your lifestyle, and your specific preferences. Whether you have a precise vision for the outdoor living space you want to create—or you simply know you want to do something to enhance your outdoor space’s beauty and functionality—our team will lead you through the process from layout and plant selection through installation and maintenance.

    Outdoor Kitchen in Park Ridge, Illinois

    These Park Ridge homeowners wanted to enhance the functionality of their ample outdoor space, and an outdoor kitchen was top on their list.

    Van Zelst created an outdoor kitchen featuring a built-in grill, making family cookouts or impromptu parties a breeze for our clients. We strategically placed the grill close to the home’s back steps, allowing for easy back-and-forth from the house to the grilling space.

    Right at home under the lot’s mature trees, the grill island features stainless steel appliances. The bluestone slab countertop is coated with a thermal finish, allowing it to withstand the elements and the high cooking temperatures. The natural stone surround seamlessly ties the grill into the larger backyard design theme.

    grill island in park ridge landscape
    built in grill in stone island

    Bluestone Patio Design

    With a large backyard area, these homeowners had a plethora of room. Van Zelst created and installed landscaping and hardscaping that made the most of the space, seamlessly blending elements to create a peaceful oasis.

    outdoor dining area in park ridge landscape
    The homeowners wanted a large area for outdoor dining as well as entertaining family and friends. Van Zelst designed and installed a large bluestone patio that includes seating for 18 people. The pergola creates a cozy seating area while allowing for sweeping views of the backyard.
    island planting beds in bluestone patio
    The bluestone patio includes large island planting beds that featured a mix of low-maintenance pachysandra and hosta. The beds, edged in natural Valders stone cobbles, complement the stonework in other areas, including the grill island.
    bluestone patio with island planting bed
    Wanting to make the most of their backyard space, the clients wanted a patio that incorporated natural elements. Van Zelst’s solution was to include densely-planted islands featuring maples surrounded by lush ground cover plants. The outdoor space feels both finished and organic, as human-made and natural elements work together in harmony.
    walkway intersection
    The patio’s bluestone is echoed in one of the home’s garden landings, creating a cohesive look-and-feel for the property. Plants of varying sizes and shapes provide visual interest.

    Park Ridge Front Yard Design

    The homeowners wanted their front yard to be a showpiece, enhancing their home’s curb appeal—and Van Zelst delivered a landscaping plan that hit the mark.

    front yard with lush green lawn
    The front yard features a lush, green lawn with perfect edging. Sweeping plant beds add pops of color throughout the landscape.
    slab bluestone steps
    The front entry is beautiful and feels welcoming for the homeowners as well as their family and friends. Van Zelst used bluestone to create the walkway and the slab steps, an attractive and practical choice. Lighting along the path ensures a safe entry to the home when the sun goes down.

    Contact Your Park Ridge Landscape Architect

    You deserve the outdoor space of your dreams, and the professionals at Van Zelst are ready to help you make it happen. From learning more about your vision to brainstorming ideas, making suggestions, and ultimately developing and executing a plan, our landscape architects and designers have years of hands-on experience that will benefit you. Contact us today to set up a time where we can learn more about your needs and share information about what we offer.

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