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    Seasonal Color Adds Interest to the Landscape

    At Van Zelst, we design landscapes that change with the seasons and provide enjoyment year-round.
    Part of that is achieved by incorporating long-blooming flowers, trees with winter character and ornamental grasses that add interest in the fall and winter months, and a succession of annuals from spring through the fall months. And by providing overall property management, we can ensure that your landscape continues to impress throughout the year.

    What’s more, we add the special touches that make the seasons more special—providing a burst of early spring color in planters before the garden truly comes alive, adding containers of lush flowers for a special summer event, incorporating fall colors into planters, and hanging holiday lights and evergreen boughs for your winter landscape.

    Let Van Zelst bring seasonal color to your home and business. Contact us today.

    Seasonal Color: The Spring Garden

    Spring containers announce the warmer months to come.

    Colorful spring bulbs are the first to burst open.

    Seasonal Color: The Summer Garden

    Annual beds add color and brighten up a shady spot.

    At the height of summer, the garden bursts with color.

    Seasonal Color: The Fall Garden

    Fiery orange leaves dress ornamental trees for autumn.

    Containers of red mums add color to the fading fall garden.

    Seasonal Color: The Winter Garden

    Carefully hung holiday lights celebrate the season.

    Festive holiday containers stand out against the snow.

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