Garden Bed Installation

At Van Zelst, planting new garden beds, trees, shrubs and groundcover begins well before the ground thaws. Before any new plants are placed in the ground, our skilled team has already taken careful steps to ensure the health and vitality of your garden.

Before trees, shrubs and garden beds are installed, the Van Zelst field teams perform any necessary excavation and grading according to your finished landscape design. Garden beds are prepared—contaminated, compacted and soil especially high in clay are removed and disposed of off-site. As much as 12 inches of premium topsoil, custom blended with compost or worm-based VermiCompost, is tilled into the soil before planting.

Invasive and overgrown plants are removed or divided. Soil is tested and amended as needed to provide the nutrients and drainage various trees and plantings require.

Whether you’re planting annual flowers, showy white hydrangeas or a new aspen tree, beginning with a properly prepared site will help these new plants adapt quickly and thrive.

Irrigation systems for healthy garden beds

Before plants are placed in their new garden beds, the Van Zelst team also considers what they will need to thrive. Rather than requiring anyone to haul garden hoses and set up sprinklers, a carefully designed irrigation system will provide just what each plant type needs for optimum health.

Transplanting healthy plant stock

Once your site is fully prepared, our in-house team takes great care to transplant each flower, shrub and tree into its new environment, using only the healthiest stock—most of it grown in our own nursery. Van Zelst typically chooses larger-sized trees and plants to ensure hardiness and visual appeal. What’s more, we start 90% of the perennials we use from seeds or cuttings in our own greenhouses to ensure that plants are strong and disease-free. Others are hand-selected at a local nursery to assure that plants are well adapted to our region.

While it takes a few years for any new landscape to mature to its fullest, your Van Zelst-designed and installed environment will provide beautiful color and texture from its very first season.

Bring new color and life to your landscape. Call Van Zelst today to discuss new plantings for your home or business.