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    Organic Nutrients

    At Van Zelst, we want to create landscapes that are healthy for plants and people. That’s why, as part of our organic solutions, we proudly offer high-quality soil amendments made by nature’s marvels—worms.

    hands open with soil and worms representing organic nutrients

    Our teams rely on TerraVesco Vermicompost and TerraVesco Vermi-extract soil amendments. Under carefully controlled conditions, worm beds transform organic matter into weed- and disease-free Vermicompost that can be mixed directly into the soil and Vermi-extract that can be sprayed throughout the season. Research proves that these high-performance products introduce important macro- and micronutrients into the soil, nourishing plants and fighting disease and pests.

    Farmers, greenhouses and winemakers have been using worm-based products for years with great success. Now they’re available to homeowners who prefer to use organic nutrients, rather than chemicals, on their properties.

    Four Steps to a Healthier Landscape:
    The Soil Transition Protocol™

    A built-in seatwall is perfect for admiring summer blooms.

    Perennials and shrubs thrive in this Glenview garden. Knowing that there isn’t a plant this homeowner didn’t like, the Van Zelst team has delighted in creating colorful, texture-rich environments that evolve from May through November.

    Based on the latest scientific research, this process consists of:

    1. Data Gathering. We begin by taking samples of plant materials and the soil, measuring available water and drainage, seeking evidence of pest and disease pressure, and more.
    2. Soil Analysis. Lab testing of the nutrient status of plants and soil, soil composition, and the presence of harmful contaminants is carefully performed.
    3. Treatment Application. Precise amounts of high-quality Vermicompost is incorporated into the soil and Vermi-extract is sprayed to enhance soil biodiversity.
    4. Ongoing Management. After the initial application, monitoring and maintenance continue to ensure optimum soil health.

    Create a sustainable, cost-efficient landscape with organic nutrients

    Find out more about using organic nutrients in your garden. Contact us to learn how The Soil Transition Protocol and these organic nutrients can benefit your landscape and family.

    Click here for our VermiCompost Flier (PDF)

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