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    Chicago Outdoor Hardscape Designers / Design

    We’re Professional Hardscaping Designers & Contractors

    Patios, fountains, sculptures, walking paths and driveways are key to the finished landscape. They complement plantings and trees, delineate areas, add tremendous visual interest and allow the environment to maintain its appeal throughout all four seasons.

    Limitless aesthetic options

    At Van Zelst, we like to use stone in unique ways that reflect each client’s taste. We often combine bluestone, tumbled concrete pavers, flagstone, clay pavers and garden boulders in interesting ways to achieve distinct spaces that range from formal and classic to casual and family-friendly.

    Lighting, appliances and more

    As part of your hardscape design, your project architect can create a plan for thoughtful, aesthetically pleasing lighting that can help extend your enjoyment of your space throughout more of the season.

    We can also help you select and install a heavy-duty stainless steel outdoor grill, position a beloved fountain for maximum enjoyment and create natural-looking waterfalls and ponds fed by concealed plumbing fixtures.

    Reach out to Van Zelst today

    Our team understands that your landscape is part of your home. With every paver or stone slab we lay, we take great care—and pride—in providing superior design guidance and craftsmanship that adds value to your property.

    Imagine your outdoor living spaces in a whole new light. Call Van Zelst to talk about your ideas today.

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