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Bluestone Walkway with Lush Plantings

bluestone walkway with lush plantings This curved bluestone walkway is lined with lush plantings. The lime green flowers of the lady’s mantle contrasts beautifully with the deep eggplant color of the coral bells. The mass of crimson red astilbe and white Annabelle hydrangea complete the look.
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Bee Balm and Hummelo Lamb’s Ear in Full Bloom

bee balm and hummelo lamb's ear in full bloom This large sweeping perennial bed is bursting with color with purple Hummelo lamb’s ear in the foreground to the crimson red of the bee balm. Coral bells, astilbe, and fading allium flowers provide interest.
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Pink Astilbe and White Annabelle Hydrangea

pink astilbe and white annabelle hydrangea Densely planted beds of pink astilbe and white Annabelle hydrangea with stone retaining wall in the background.
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Outcropping Stone Terraces and Steps in Bull Valley IL

outcropping stone terraces and steps Outcropping stone steps and terraced walls overflowing with purple perennial geranium, astilbe, and pockets of day lilies to come.
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Large Astilbe Bed with Outcropping Retaining Wall

large astilbe bed with outcropping stone retaining wall in background Closeup of a large astilbe bed in full bloom. In the background you can see the large multi-level retaining wall made from natural stone outcropping.
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Natural Stone Retaining Wall in Bull Valley IL

natural stone retaining wall with sweeping perennial beds Large sweeping beds of bee balm and astilbe abut the impressive outcropping stone retaining wall.
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Striking Blue-Green Hostas

garden bird art with hosta in foreground Oversized, variegated hostas provide the perfect setting for bronze crane garden art.
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Lighthearted Garden Bench

butterfly garden sculpture with pink astilbe Stone pavers lead to a shady spot to perch among the trees and tall, pink astilbe.
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Landscaping for Shady Areas

A medley of smooth, shade-friendly greens is punctuated by spiky astilbe and goat’s beard.
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Stunning Formal Garden in Winnetka, Illinois

formal garden overflowing with hydrangeas in winnetka illinois Boxwood shrubs enclose perennial plant beds overflowing with hydrangeas. Daylilies and astilbe add punches of color. Shade flowers and a variety of trees add color and texture to the landscape.
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Van Zelst
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