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    It all starts with an idea…

    We all love making plans. Whether it’s dinner plans, vacation plans, or garden parties, having a plan is a great way to start things off on the right track. A cohesive design that ties the whole garden together makes all the difference. Before sitting down with a professional architect though, start pulling ideas and inspirational photos from Houzz, Pinterest,  or even magazines to find out what your likes and dislikes are. Do you prefer a more natural setting? A flagstone patio with thyme growing in between the cracks? Or does a formal landscape go with your personality more with boxwood hedges, classic bluestone patios, and a simple monochromatic color palette?

    If you are not starting from scratch and already have an existing landscape, is there anything you would like to improve? Do you need a bigger entertaining space to host that graduation party? An outdoor kitchen? A hidden reading nook? A unique water feature for your furry ‘kids’ for those hot summer days? There are many different directions you can go, but that is where we can help. It’s our job to put all your ideas together onto paper and present to you a comprehensive plan.

    Your homework: Throw some boots on and take a walk around your yard to spark some ideas.

    Whether it’s a big or small, your idea is worth talking about it. Here are a few topics that might pertain to your yard.

    A section of lawn that is being shaded out. It may be time to convert that area to a new planting bed or make an existing bed larger. Widening a narrow bed to 6’ or more can add a lot of depth and interest. Adding several plant varieties with different heights, textures, and blooming times can really jazz up a garden.

    Adding a focal point or garden element. Create an intimate space that draws your eye out into the garden from your living room or kitchen window. Make you and your guest want to wander outside to experience your garden.

    Too much mulch? Reducing the open mulched areas in your garden and adding low spreading perennials, annuals, or groundcover will help with weed control and add color and texture.

    Privacy? Need more privacy from your neighbors. Yes, the simple way is a board on board fence or an arborvitae hedge, but adding a mixed of evergreens, ornamental trees, and larger shrubs will be much more attractive than a straight line of plantings.

    So, get outside and start thinking! Warmer weather is just around the corner!

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    Ok let’s dig out our gardening tools and get to work!

    Oh you thought I meant outside? Nope not today, it’s too cold! But you can still work on your garden from the comfort of your own home! Head on out to your local library or your favorite book store and thumb through some great gardening books or magazines. Inspiration is the key to success!

    There are many ways of collecting data for this year’s garden. You can pull out pages of catalogs, write notes, bookmark favorite websites but a great and easy way to keep all your thoughts together is by using either Pinterest or Houzz. Both of these are great modern visualization tools. They are simple to use and simple to share!

    We, as designers, work year-round with our clients to bring their outdoor living space dreams to reality and our designs are driven by our client’s visions. By using these modern tools we can easily communicate our likes, dislikes and inspirations simply by sharing a picture!

    So grab your hot cocoa and start visualizing your garden. While you are at it check out our Pinterest and Houzz sites to get your creative juices flowing.

    Spring Bulbs

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