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Photo Gallery

Cherub on Lannonstone Seat Wall
Cherub with wings sits pensively on a lannon stone seat wall in Park Ridge IL garden.
Yellow Creeping Jenny and Purple Creeping Thyme Line Walkway
An over-sized bluestone walkway is planted with Creeping Jenny and Creeping Thyme.
Columnar Maples Soften Home’s Exterior
“Autumn Blaze” columnar maples soften the exterior of the home and provide brilliant Fall color.
Black Bottom Pool with Boulder Retaining Wall
Black bottom pool and boulder retaining wall made from WI granite.
outcropping stone terraces and steps
Outcropping Stone Terraces and Steps in Bull Valley IL
Outcropping stone steps and terraced walls overflowing with purple perennial geranium, astilbe, and pockets of day lilies to come.
large astilbe bed with outcropping stone retaining wall in background
Large Astilbe Bed with Outcropping Retaining Wall
Closeup of a large astilbe bed in full bloom.
View from the Water in Twin Lakes
An impressive view of outcropping stone and low plantings.
Outcropping Stone in Twin Lakes
Giant slabs in chestnut hues define the landscape.
raised stone fire pit on flagstone patio
Raised Stone Fire Pit Surrounded by Flagstone
This flagstone patio area features a raised fire pit clad in Lannon stone and topped in bluestone.
Stairway Planting Beds in Twin Lakes
A stepped design allows plantings to add variety and interest.
bluestone steps on fieldstone slabs in winnetka, il
Natural Stone Steps Connect Entertaining Areas in Winnetka
Bluestone steps, supported by fieldstone slabs, mirror the angles and proportions of the home’s architecture.
natural stone retaining wall with sweeping perennial beds
Natural Stone Retaining Wall in Bull Valley IL
Large sweeping beds of bee balm and astilbe abut the impressive outcropping stone retaining wall.
Built-in Irrigation in Twin Lakes
Plant beds are fully irrigated to remain lush all summer.
Outdoor Dining Room
A formal room is delineated by stone and large-scale plantings.
A Shady Seat in a Glenview Landscape
A built-in seatwall is perfect for admiring summer blooms.
Bluestone Seatwall Cap by Van Zelst, Inc.
New Bluestone Seatwall Cap
An existing wall is refreshed with new bluestone.
Interplay of Hardscape
Bluestone pavers pair well with Lannon stone walls.
A Weathered Waterfall in Northbrook
The pool and seatwall appear aged to match existing stone.
A Colorful Landscape in Glenview
A stone wall holds spirited flowers and shrubs in check.
redbud tree with spring bulbs
Blooms Herald Spring
Redbud blossoms and bulbs provide long-awaited color.
Enhancing the Natural Flow
Stone garden walls and walkways lead through the plantings.
Supporting the Stone Riverbank
Natural-looking walls shore up plantings and patios.
Subtle, Successful Upgrades
New areas were installed to match original structures.
A Haven for Wildlife
The landscape is home to more than 250 species of birds.
Popular Patio Seating
Visitors can relax near the bubbling trout stream.
An Urban Garden in Lincoln Park Makes the Most of a Small Space
Varying plant heights maximizes a small space.
Glencoe pond
Natural Bluestone Boulders in Glencoe Pond
Natural bluestone boulders provide eye-catching color.
Botanic Garden Fountain
Within a neat rectangle, an explosion of color.
lake geneva wi front entry by van zelst
Grand Lake Geneva Entryway
Fences and walkways bring order to the landscape.
Fieldstone Steps in Glenview
Fieldstone steps lead to a hidden pathway.
Chicago Botanic Garden Bounty
Containers and raised beds showcase summer blooms.
patio with umbrella and pots overflowing with flowers
Informal Seating in Wilmette
Containers bring color and life onto the patio.
Separate Seating Areas
A step-down patio maximizes entertaining space.
stacked stone seat wall capped with bluestone and surrounded by lush perennial beds
Intermixing Stone in Wilmette
Fieldstone and bluestone combine for a unique effect.
Containers Ease the Transition
Potted annuals draw the garden into the spa surround.
front entry courtyard, side view.
Thinking Big in an Urban Setting
Every inch of a 50-foot lot is fully detailed.
Lake Geneva landscaping project by van zelst featuring large fountain and bronze statue.
Personalizing a Lake Geneva Garden
A natural waterfall draws the eye to a beloved bronze.
Textures at the Chicago Botanic Garden
An exploration in shrubs, perennials and foliage.
Pastoral Garden Path in Lake Geneva
A stone path is perfect for this shady glen.
A Serene, Shady Setting in Winnetka
White blooms bring light into shady areas.
Designed for Entertaining
Distinct gathering areas suit different sized groups.
Thoughtful Urban Storage
Benches hold cushions and extend guest seating.
A 360-Degree Landscape
Each view is enhanced by hardscape and plantings.
An Upgrade for the Spa
A new stone surround integrates an existing spa.
Framing the Space in Stone
A stone wall keeps free-flowing plants in check.
An Outdoor Dining Room
Stone and floral “walls” outline the space.
The Finishing Touch—Containers
Annuals in urns echo the colors of perennial beds.
Extending Living Space Outdoors
A patio augments interior space for entertaining.
lake forest landscaping project by van zelst featuring gravel pathway.
An Inviting Educational Environment
Casual paths invite students and visitors outdoors.
Van Zelst
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