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    Photo Gallery

    pool with lush landscaping in glenview il
    Stonework Transforms an Established Glenview Landscape
    Bluestone and Valders limestone harmonize with mature trees and lush plantings.
    pool at night in glenview il
    Sandblasted Valders Limestone Surrounds the Pool and Spa
    Dove white bullnose pavers stay cool and slip resistant.
    Seating by the Pool in Wadsworth IL
    Red clay pavers outlined with Valders stone sets the stage for seating by the pool.
    Black Bottomed Pool in Wadsworth IL | Natural Setting
    Black bottomed pool set in natural setting.
    Red Brick Area Rug by Pool
    Red brick pool surround set in herringbone pattern with “area rug” under chaise lounge.
    Black Bottom Pool with Boulder Retaining Wall
    Black bottom pool and boulder retaining wall made from WI granite.
    raised lannon stone spa with smooth concrete coping
    Raised Lannon Stone Spa with Smooth Concrete Coping
    This raised Lannon stone spa features smooth concrete coping.
    tuscan home with pool and spa in glenview il
    Tuscan Home with Pool and Spa in Glenview, IL
    Beautifully integrated pool, patio, and spa in Glenview, IL.
    Complementary Colors in Glenview
    Chaise cushions amplify the tones of bluestone, trees and leaves.
    Summer Color in Glenview
    A bluestone pool deck with bullnose limestone coping is surrounded by lush, vibrant perennials.
    winnetka blustone pool deck
    Elegant Winnetka Bluestone Patio and Pool Deck
    Large bluestone patio pavers enhance the sophistication of the pool deck, complementing the tones of pool house and the in-ground pool itself.
    Adding Water to a Glenview Landscape
    A sunken urn-shaped fountain provides a rustic, sensory touch.
    fountain surrounded by curved bluestone in winnetka illinois
    Winnetka Bluestone Patio Draws Focus to a Garden Fountain
    Arced lines and a bronze garden fountain soften the geometry of the formal landscape, while adding the relaxing sounds of water to the classic setting.
    Granite Millstone Fountain in Glenview
    A converted millstone fits perfectly into the natural landscape.
    reclaimed artifact fountain
    Artifact Fountain Imported from India
    Located off the home office porch, this “artifact” planter was imported from India and converted to a fountain.
    Wall of Hydrangeas in Glenview
    Annabelle hydrangeas create a breathtaking backdrop.
    spa and pool in glenview il
    Bluestone Pool Deck and Spa in Glenview IL
    Smooth concrete coping gives the bluestone patio, pool and spa a clean edge.
    Spectacular Northbrook Garden
    Chartreuse hostas seem to capture the sun, and are even more distinctive beside purple alliums.
    Color, Water and Stone in Glenview
    Textured plantings and hardscape guide the eye through the landscape.
    Beautiful Views in Glenview
    A spa offers views of container plants and bright perennials.
    large multi-tier composite stone fountain
    Large Multi-Tier Composite Stone Fountain
    The large multi-tier composite stone fountain ​is opposite the front door across the auto court surrounded by annuals and reclaimed granite pathway and low boxwood hedge.
    lannon stone spa with hard cover in glenview il
    Raised Spa with Lannon Stone Veneer
    This raised spa in Glenview, Illinois features a Lannon stone veneer with smooth concrete coping.
    Fireplace on patio in Glenview, Illinois
    Cozy Glenview Patio
    Seating for two—the fireplace adds a personal touch.
    Kenilworth Spa and Firepit
    Flagstone walls tie the design of the spa and fire pit together.
    spa tucked into lush landscaping
    A Private Retreat
    Mounds of foliage, shrubs and perennials help the spa blend in.
    Winnetka Residence with New Blue Stone Pool Decking
    Inviting Blues
    The bluestone pool deck is welcoming yet refined.
    A Weathered Waterfall in Northbrook
    The pool and seatwall appear aged to match existing stone.
    Entertaining Outdoors in Kenilworth
    Tumbled concrete pavers create a casual atmosphere.
    Hardscape Brings People Together
    The pool deck, patio and fire pit draw groups of different sizes.
    fountain shaped like a goose with mexican black pebbles and impatiens
    Whimsical Water Feature
    A river rock bed adds a glossy sheen to the plant beds.
    Glenview landscaping project featuring Lannon stone and bluestone spa.
    Lannon Stone and Bluestone Spa in Glenview
    The spa fills the landscape with the relaxing sounds of a waterfall.
    Glencoe pond
    Natural Bluestone Boulders in Glencoe Pond
    Natural bluestone boulders provide eye-catching color.
    Botanic Garden Fountain
    Within a neat rectangle, an explosion of color.
    Chicago Botanic Garden Bounty
    Containers and raised beds showcase summer blooms.
    Containers Ease the Transition
    Potted annuals draw the garden into the spa surround.
    Lake Geneva landscaping project by van zelst featuring large fountain and bronze statue.
    Personalizing a Lake Geneva Garden
    A natural waterfall draws the eye to a beloved bronze.
    The Serenity of a Waterfall
    Steps built into the pond keep water rushing.
    granite millstone fountain with Mexican blue pebbles and large bed of impatiens
    Granite Millstone Fountain in Wilmette, Illinois
    This granite millstone fountain, surrounded by pachysandra and colorful impatiens, draws visitors and birds to this shady spot.
    A Bold Color Scheme
    Cool greens balance the vivid colors of the pool.
    A Serene, Shady Setting in Winnetka
    White blooms bring light into shady areas.
    A Quiet Corner
    A shady corner is the perfect home for a statue.
    A Picturesque Water View
    A koi pond makes a dramatic centerpiece.
    An Upgrade for the Spa
    A new stone surround integrates an existing spa.
    A Grand Fountain in Lincoln Park
    A peaceful addition gives kids a place to splash.
    granite millstone fountain
    Unwinding with Water
    A broken path meanders around a granite fountain.
    Illinois-Friendly Flowers
    Black-eyed Susans and purple coneflower thrive.
    Poolside Entertaining
    Choices in seating keep guests near the fun.
    The Pool Takes Center Stage
    Bluestone amplifies the deep sapphire of the pool.
    Outdoor kitchen by pool in Golf, Illinois.
    A Full-Service Outdoor Kitchen
    Outdoor kitchen islands with built-in grills and more bring the party outside.
    Van Zelst
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