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    Photo Gallery

    built in grill in glenview il
    Outdoor Kitchen with Open Wood Storage in Island
    Having wood storage in the grill saves time and looks beautiful.
    grill storage in stone island
    Kalamazoo Grill Storage in Stone Island
    Kalamazoo grill storage is built to last.
    gaucho grill by kalamazoo
    Kalamazoo Gaucho Grill
    The stainless steel Gaucho grill is built for a lifetime of use.
    Built-in Grill Island | Park Ridge IL
    Built-in grill island clad in stone and topped with bluestone.
    Outdoor Kitchen Island and Grill with Bluestone Countertop
    In this Glenview, Illinois outdoor kitchen, the island and grill are topped with bluestone and the walls are Lannon stone.
    Lake Forest Outdoor Kitchen and Built-in Grill
    A full outdoor kitchen and entertaining area fits perfectly into the patio.
    Built-in Barbecue Grill in Lake Forest
    A red brick grill surround matches the home’s exterior and patio.
    One of Van Zelst's outdoor kitchens in Glenview, Illinois
    An Outdoor Kitchen Island in Glenview
    An outdoor kitchen island with built-in grill area perfectly suits the home.
    An Outdoor Dining Room
    Stone and floral “walls” outline the space.
    Outdoor kitchen by pool in Golf, Illinois.
    A Full-Service Outdoor Kitchen
    Outdoor kitchen islands with built-in grills and more bring the party outside.
    Van Zelst
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