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    Stunning Barrington Hills Landscape Upgrade

    Ready to Design Your Own Barrington Hills Illinois Landscape?

    The Challenge

    Sometimes, a "before" landscape isn't an overgrown, poorly maintained area in need of a complete overhaul. This was definitely the case for this Barrington Hills property, which was due for a more cosmetic update.

    Years ago, when two lots were combined to create one, expansive 10-acre lot with incredible vistas, Van Zelst landscape architects created a plan for this property. Hardscape, including a curving paver driveway and walkways, a pool deck and garden walls were all installed to delineate generous planting beds and nearly six acres of grass. In addition, mature trees were protected and maintained and additional trees and shrubs were brought in to complete the picture.

    Now it was time to take an entirely new look at the environment.  

    A Fresh Color Palette

    As with paint colors and furnishings, landscapes are personal expressions of taste and personality, and should change over time. However, the Van Zelst team also understands homeowners' desires to minimize unnecessary expense and works hard to strike a balance between what to retain and what to replace.

    In this case, trading out perennials and annuals while preserving hardscape, the irrigation system, and most of the shrubs and trees had the desired effect—the landscape looked and felt entirely new.

    Ongoing Learning and Fine-Tuning

    As living things, plants don't always behave as expected, and this wide-open site offers a few challenges of its own. The all-clay soil has been carefully amended, yet the roses the homeowner loves have struggled. However, additional vermicompost fertilizer has helped bring out their true, robust beauty.

    Winds and full-day sun also impact planting selections, leading to situations like hardy rudbeckia, or black-eyed Susans, trying to take over the beds. Ongoing professional monitoring and maintenance assures that all plants get the attention they need, and that the gardens always look their absolute best.

    Abundant Seasonal Color

    The extensive use of annuals, from begonia borders containing the perennial beds to ageratum and marigolds, as well as plentiful containers, injects additional color throughout the season.

    The home is frequently used to host charity and family events, and reflecting an event theme or aesthetic is as easy as updating containers and annual beds. What's more, as the homeowners' tastes change from year to year, the palette can be easily softened or shifted to keep pace.

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