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    A New Paver Driveway and Hardscape in Glenview

    Van Zelst Inc, Glenview residenceIt happens all too often—a poorly installed paver driveway, walkway or patio begins to shift or sink, compromising users’ safety, diminishing the beauty of the space, causing puddling, or worse. That’s one of the reasons the Van Zelst team was brought in for this project. The previous installers had cut corners on compacting deep enough layers of sand and gravel, causing the paver driveway to fail. Once we saw the previous workmanship firsthand, we weren’t surprised that it hadn’t stood up to the weight of cars and SUVs, as well as seasonal changes in the weather.

    Together, the Van Zelst team and the homeowners considered more than a dozen paver options before deciding that reclaimed clay pavers provided just the look they desired. These offered a weathered, variegated look that beautifully complement the home’s exterior and, installed by our in-house team, will perform beautifully in a paver driveway for generations to come.

    In addition to the new paver driveway, Van Zelst was asked to update the look and usability of other outdoor areas throughout the landscape. Because the property isn’t expansive, we were sure to maximize every bit of available space. The spa, for example, features a waterfall off one side, adding greater interest and the sound of flowing water to the landscape. Secluded by shrubs and large perennial plantings, the bluestone-capped Lannon stone structure blends beautifully with the environment.

    For additional consistency, bluestone is used in other ways as well—as the floor of a formal outdoor dining room just off the home, and as casual walkways featuring irregular slabs separated by creeping thyme, Dragon’s Blood sedum and bluestone chips.

    To complete the scene, dramatic plantings frame gathering areas with swaths of green, pink and white, and oversized terra cotta containers brim with bright, lively annuals and trailing foliage from spring through fall.

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