A Glorious Getaway in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
Keeping the natural look

Large estates present unique challenges, as everything must be scaled up to balance the magnitude of the property, and the design must be varied yet cohesive throughout. For this home, work began at the entry, with stone piers and iron fencing softened by a welcoming burst of colorful perennials. A tumbled-paver driveway creates a parkway feel as it meanders through the trees.

Many elements of the landscape were original to the home in the 1930s, but were ready to be brought up to date. For example, the existing waterfall and pond were augmented by Lannon stone walls to protect the steep grade and create a terraced garden. Replacing the former patio with brick pavers alleviated growing drainage issues.

New hardscape including a custom cedar bridge was added to guide visitors to the waterfall, for a closer view of the statue of Poseidon. And a secondary bluestone patio was added nearer the lake, along with large shady elm trees and other plantings to complete this inviting seating area.

Of course, what really captures a visitor’s imagination is the plantings. Pear, maple, honeylocust and elm trees were planted, along with barberry hedges, boxwoods and junipers. And countless perennials, grasses and annuals come to life throughout the spring, summer and fall, filling property with color.

Proper year-round maintenance keeps the 3.5 acres of turf healthy and weed-free, the lakeshore is cleaned of weeds and debris, and all hardscape and water features and meticulously maintained. The house is always ready to graciously welcome the many guests who come to visit on pleasant summer weekends.