Northbrook (before 1/11)

Even though this landscape was beautifully planned and cared for, it simply didn’t align with the homeowners’ lifestyles. They didn’t use the pool, and preferred instead to remove it in favor of more green space and outdoor living areas. Plantings were fairly simple, and didn’t provide a backdrop for the family’s eclectic art collection or intriguing views from the home.

As part of a complete renovation of the house, the owners decided to upgrade the landscape to create a complete environment that reflected their interests and way of life.

Northbrook (before 2/11)

Northbrook (before 3/11)

Northbrook (before 4/11)

Northbrook (before 5/11)

Northbrook (before 6/11)

Northbrook (before 7/11)

Northbrook (before 8/11)

Northbrook (before 9/11)

Northbrook (before 10/11)