Lake Geneva (before 1/5)

This grand property in Lake Geneva was rich with possibilities. However, time had taken its toll on the existing landscape. Vast amounts of buckthorn were crowding out more desirable plantings. A creekbed, which provided necessary drainage, cut the garden in half. And much of the hardscape was in need of repair.

What’s more, the homeowners’ colorful personalities didn’t have the opportunity to shine through. The approach to the home along a winding, tree-lined drive lacked variety and visual appeal, and they hadn’t really had a chance to put their own stamp on the landscape.

Lake Geneva (before 2/5)

Lake Geneva (before 3/5)

Lake Geneva (before 4/5)

Lake Geneva (before 5/5)

A Lake Geneva Welcome

Straight lines were replaced with friendly curves.

Personalizing a Lake Geneva Garden

A natural waterfall draws the eye to a beloved bronze.

A Clean Place to Rest Your Eyes

A white bridge is refreshing among the bold hues.

Well-Adapted Perennials Thrive in Lake Geneva

Hostas and daylilies impart color all season long.

Pastoral Garden Path in Lake Geneva

A stone path is perfect for this shady glen.