Lake Bluff (Before 1/6)

While this simple landscape incorporated good materials and healthy plants, the low, monochromatic plantings didn’t add to the home’s presence or provide interesting views from indoors. In fact, they made the minimally adorned stucco exterior feel monolithic and bare.

As so often happens with smaller properties, the planting beds, trees and shrubs were scaled down with the intent of maximizing the outdoor space. The result, however, was an environment that lacked visual appeal and didn’t begin to meet its full potential.

Lake Bluff (Before 2/6)

Lake Bluff (Before 3/6)

Lake Bluff (Before 4/6)

Lake Bluff (Before 5/6)

Lake Bluff (Before 6/6)

Containers Add Color

Annual flowers and foliage complete the scene.

Granite Millstone Fountain

Water enhances the garden with peaceful sounds.

A Blend of Colors and Textures

Large drifts of perennials have a bold impact.

Bluestone Patio in Lake Bluff

Multicolor flower beds welcome diners outdoors.