An Urban Garden in Lincoln Park Makes the Most of a Small Space

Varying plant heights maximizes a small space.

Thinking Big in an Urban Setting

Every inch of a 50-foot lot is fully detailed.

A Mature Shade Garden in Wilmette

Giant hosta leaves gain more texture each year.

Granite Millstone Fountain in Wilmette, Illinois

This granite millstone fountain, surrounded by pachysandra and colorful impatiens, draws visitors and birds to this shady spot.

Plants for Shady Spaces

A hosta garden showcases variety in size and color.

Containers Enlarge the Footprint

Potted annuals inject more color into a city lot.

Thoughtful Urban Storage

Benches hold cushions and extend guest seating.

A Shady Place to Chat

Gravel and bluestone set the stage for socializing.

A Grand Fountain in Lincoln Park

A peaceful addition gives kids a place to splash.

Unwinding with Water

A broken path meanders around a granite fountain.