Woodland Landscape in Bull Valley IL

This woodland home in Bull Valley, Illinois features lush sweeping beds of purple and pink astilbe, white Annabelle hydrangea, and bee balm. The outcropping stone retaining wall provides structure to the landscape.

Raised Stone Fire Pit Surrounded by Flagstone

This flagstone patio area features a raised fire pit clad in Lannon stone and topped in bluestone. The terraced retaining walls lushly planted with hardy perennials provide a sense of enclosure.

Pink Astilbe and White Annabelle Hydrangea

Densely planted beds of pink astilbe and white Annabelle hydrangea with stone retaining wall in the background.

Outcropping Stone Terraces and Steps in Bull Valley IL

Outcropping stone steps and terraced walls overflowing with purple perennial geranium, astilbe, and pockets of day lilies to come.

Large Astilbe Bed with Outcropping Retaining Wall

Closeup of a large astilbe bed in full bloom. In the background you can see the large multi-level retaining wall made from natural stone outcropping.

Natural Stone Retaining Wall in Bull Valley IL

Large sweeping beds of bee balm and astilbe abut the impressive outcropping stone retaining wall.

Closeup of Pink and White Summer Phlox

A range of pink and white phlox bloom throughout the late summer in this Bull Valley, IL garden.