Lincoln Park (before 1/5)

As with many city properties, the landscaping this 25-foot lot included a small, rectangular patch of grass surrounded by a few low shrubs and perennials, making the iron fence a focal point of the garden. Nothing had been done to take advantage of the one direction the plantings could go—up.

Before this young family moved in, nothing had been done to add color, texture, curves or height to the landscape. Nor did the environment contribute the storage and kid-friendly features the family desired.

Lincoln Park (before 2/5)

Lincoln Park (before 3/5)

Lincoln Park (before 4/5)

Lincoln Park (before 5/5)

An Urban Garden in Lincoln Park Makes the Most of a Small Space

Varying plant heights maximizes a small space.

Thinking Big in an Urban Setting

Every inch of a 50-foot lot is fully detailed.

Containers Enlarge the Footprint

Potted annuals inject more color into a city lot.

Thoughtful Urban Storage

Benches hold cushions and extend guest seating.

A Grand Fountain in Lincoln Park

A peaceful addition gives kids a place to splash.