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Photo Gallery

front yard landscape in wilmette illinois by van zelst
Front Yard Landscape Makeover in Wilmette IL
Large front entry bed planted with tough perennials and a transplanted crabapple.
red clay paver driveway in wilmette il
Wilmette Red Paver Driveway with Tumbled Cobblestone Border
Clay paver stone driveway edged in Valder tumbled cobblestone.
Rear entry with paver lined carport raised stone patio
Wilmette Illinois Carport with Clay Pavers and Valders Tumbled Cobblestone Border
The cobbles lining the paver driveway are Valders tumbled cobblestone.
crushed stone driveway entrance
Crushed Stone Driveway in Winnetka
This crushed stone driveway is made from decomposed granite and lends a gracious air to an expansive driveway and parking surface.
Clay Pavers Replace Worn Out Asphalt in Winnetka IL
New Brick Paver Drive in Winnetka
Replacing concrete upgrades the whole property.
Clay Pavers and a Bluestone Walk in Winnetka
Clay pavers and a bluestone walk suit the new exterior.
Driveways look their best with reclaimed clay pavers
Reclaimed Clay Paver Driveway in Glenview
Weathered, variegated reclaimed clay paver bricks complement the home’s exterior.
A Friendly Welcome
Giant Annabelle hydrangeas cheerfully greet arrivals.
stone paver driveway with purple flowers in the foreground
Vibrant from Every Angle
The driveway is as welcoming as the front door.
A Lake Geneva Welcome
Straight lines were replaced with friendly curves.
Balancing Formal and Informal
A linear hedge leads the eye to casual bursts of color.
Stepping Up Formality
Sculptures and urns evoke a formal feel indoors.
Tumbled Paver Driveway in Lake Geneva Sets the Tone
Easy curves and dappled pavers feel relaxed.
Barrington Hills Upgraded Driveway
Pavers elevate the entry and complement the home.
Kinilworth concrete paver driveway
Blending Stone in Kenilworth
Clay and tumbled concrete pavers are a striking contrast.
Stone Makes a Statement
Flower beds keep the formal entry down to earth.
A Spectrum of Greens
A minimal color palette can have a big impact.
Barrington Hills Paver Driveway
A curved drive feels organic and inviting.
Van Zelst
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