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    How’s your wormery?

    Yeah I said wormery. It’s a word, here look it up -> wormery. Did you know worm castings (ok poop) are an ideal soil conditioner? Research proves that these high-performance products introduce important macro- and micro-nutrients into the soil, nourishing plants and fighting disease and pests. Worm castings, or Vermicompost, are the by-product of using various worm species to transform organic matter into a weed- and disease- free product.

    What are its unique benefits? The worms do the work for you.

    Vermicompost Benefits:

    a. TURN: Like tiny plows, they work their way throughout the material.
    b. AERATE: They add oxygen for all the beneficial microorganisms.
    c. MIX: All kinds of organisms and nutrients throughout the pile adding lots of small aggregates.
    d. SCREEN: They eat the bedding materials and the feed, ultimately turning it into a rich soil product.
    e. PATHOGEN CONTROL: They ingest and render useless the “bad guys”.
    f. FAST: They can eat one-half of their weight per day.

    Also you can check out our website for more information as well! Get your vermicompost this spring and have the best lawn & garden on your block!

    Click here to learn more…

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