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    Focus on Foliage

    woodland shade garden with hosta and ferns Varied heights, textures and shades of green add impact.
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    Light, Color and Texture

    Varying shapes and sizes create a layered landscape. Experimenting with Color Glenview, Illinois Every year for more than two decades, the Van Zelst team has counted on a new challenge from this long-term client. A lover of color, she has been continually excited about trying new palettes and plant combinations, often based on her whatever...
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    Subtle, Successful Upgrades

    New areas were installed to match original structures.
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    A Haven for Wildlife

    The landscape is home to more than 250 species of birds.
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    Vibrant from Every Angle

    stone paver driveway with purple flowers in the foreground The driveway is as welcoming as the front door.
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    A Serene, Shady Setting in Winnetka

    White blooms bring light into shady areas.
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    An Exotic Combination in Glencoe

    Glencoe landcaping project by Van Zelst features a pond and bluestone boulders. Colorful foliage complements many types of stone.
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    Blending Stone in Kenilworth

    Kinilworth concrete paver driveway Clay and tumbled concrete pavers are a striking contrast.
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    Van Zelst
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