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    Perennial Border

    A Colorful Landscape in Glenview

    A stone wall holds spirited flowers and shrubs in check. Experimenting with Color Glenview, Illinois Every year for more than two decades, the Van Zelst team has counted on a new challenge from this long-term client. A lover of color, she has been continually excited about trying new palettes and plant combinations, often based on...
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    A Lake Geneva Welcome

    Straight lines were replaced with friendly curves.
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    Family-Friendly Elegance

    Native plants add an unfussy air to the patio.
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    Sun-Loving Perennials in Northbrook

    At the height of summer, blooms look to the sky.
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    Illinois-Friendly Flowers

    Black-eyed Susans and purple coneflower thrive.
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    A Slice of the Color Wheel

    Focusing on greens, blues and purples imparts elegance.
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    A Blend of Colors and Textures

    front entry bed featuring mixed perennial border. Large drifts of perennials have a bold impact.
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    Beautiful Backdrop for Entertaining

    front entry garden bed Blooms of all colors, sizes and textures add interest.
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