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    Outcropping Stone

    Bluestone Patio Overlooking the Lake

    lush estate garden barrington Outcropping stone steps lead into the gardens.
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    Outcropping Stone Terraces and Steps in Bull Valley IL

    outcropping stone terraces and steps Outcropping stone steps and terraced walls overflowing with purple perennial geranium, astilbe, and pockets of day lilies to come.
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    View from the Water in Twin Lakes

    An impressive view of outcropping stone and low plantings.
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    Outcropping Stone in Twin Lakes

    Giant slabs in chestnut hues define the landscape.
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    Blooms Herald Spring

    redbud tree with spring bulbs Redbud blossoms and bulbs provide long-awaited color.
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    Supporting the Stone Riverbank

    Natural-looking walls shore up plantings and patios.
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    Fieldstone Steps in Glenview

    Fieldstone steps lead to a hidden pathway.
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    An Inviting Educational Environment

    lake forest landscaping project by van zelst featuring gravel pathway. Casual paths invite students and visitors outdoors.
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    A Place to Decompress in Lake Forest

    Students can relax in a carved-out a seating area.
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    Smart and Attractive Pathways

    Gravel allows rainwater to permeate into the soil.
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    Van Zelst
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