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    Lake Geneva

    Grand Lake Geneva Entryway

    lake geneva wi front entry by van zelst Fences and walkways bring order to the landscape.
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    A Lake Geneva Welcome

    Straight lines were replaced with friendly curves.
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    Breathtaking Lake Geneva Estate

    lake geneva landscape with rustic bridge A rustic bridge connects two sides of the property.
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    Personalizing a Lake Geneva Garden

    Lake Geneva landscaping project by van zelst featuring large fountain and bronze statue. A natural waterfall draws the eye to a beloved bronze.
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    A Clean Place to Rest Your Eyes

    A white bridge is refreshing among the bold hues.
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    Well-Adapted Perennials Thrive in Lake Geneva

    Hostas and daylilies impart color all season long.
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    Pastoral Garden Path in Lake Geneva

    A stone path is perfect for this shady glen.
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    Pavers Suit the Setting

    lake geneva lawn care by van zelst Formal stone patios branch casually into the turf.
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    Stepping Up Formality

    Sculptures and urns evoke a formal feel indoors.
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    Tumbled Paver Driveway in Lake Geneva Sets the Tone

    Easy curves and dappled pavers feel relaxed.
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    Van Zelst
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