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    Fountain with Outcropping Stone Steps in Wadsworth IL

    fountain-with-stone-steps-side-yard Picturesque fountain with outcropping stone steps and boulder retaining wall in Wadsworth, IL
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    Front Entry Courtyard Garden with Fountain

    formal-front-landscape This formal front entry courtyard features a sunken urn fountain.
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    Artifact Fountain Imported from India

    reclaimed artifact fountain Located off the home office porch, this “artifact” planter was imported from India and converted to a fountain. Mexican washed stones​ and reclaimed granite pavers surround the fountain.
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    Large Multi-Tier Composite Stone Fountain

    large multi-tier composite stone fountain The large multi-tier composite stone fountain ​is opposite the front door across the auto court surrounded by annuals and reclaimed granite pathway and low boxwood hedge.
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    Winnetka Bluestone Patio Draws Focus to a Garden Fountain

    fountain surrounded by curved bluestone in winnetka illinois Arced lines and a bronze garden fountain soften the geometry of the formal landscape, while adding the relaxing sounds of water to the classic setting. A focal point among the intersecting stone pathways and green borders, the garden fountain is an unexpected yet fitting addition. Water features and statuary are often incorporated into landscapes inspired...
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    Botanic Garden Fountain

    Within a neat rectangle, an explosion of color.
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    Chicago Botanic Garden Bounty

    Containers and raised beds showcase summer blooms.
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    Thoughtful Urban Storage

    Benches hold cushions and extend guest seating.
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    A Grand Fountain in Lincoln Park

    fountain A peaceful addition gives kids a place to splash.
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    Unwinding with Water

    granite millstone fountain A broken path meanders around a granite fountain.
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