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    Front Yard Landscape Makeover in Wilmette IL

    front yard landscape in wilmette illinois by van zelst Large front entry bed planted with tough perennials and a transplanted crabapple. Red clay paver driveway edged in Valder tumbled cobblestone.
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    Raised Stone Terrace and Pergola Covered Entry

    Raised stone terrace paved with Idaho Gold flagstone A raised stone terrace with stone steps is paved in Idaho Gold flagstone. The upper terrace is topped with a white pergola.
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    Lattice Flower Box Planted with Colorful Annuals

    lattice flower box with annuals Lattice flower box with decorative brackets planted with colorful annuals.
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    Flagstone Walkway with Clay Paver Apron

    Flagstone walkway with clay paver apron The front entry is paved with Idaho Gold flagstone with a Whitacre Greer clay paver apron to match the driveway.
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    Generous Plantings Line the Bluestone Walkway with Season-long Color

    bluestone walkway with lush planting bed Lush front entry plantings include the red wax leaf begonia, a bed of small round boxwood shrubs surrounded by the dark leaves of the coral bells. The light lift of the purple catmint and vinca groundcover.
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    Artifact Fountain Imported from India

    reclaimed artifact fountain Located off the home office porch, this “artifact” planter was imported from India and converted to a fountain. Mexican washed stones​ and reclaimed granite pavers surround the fountain.
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    Stunning Formal Garden in Winnetka, Illinois

    formal garden overflowing with hydrangeas in winnetka illinois Boxwood shrubs enclose perennial plant beds overflowing with hydrangeas. Daylilies and astilbe add punches of color. Shade flowers and a variety of trees add color and texture to the landscape.
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    Front Yard Landscaping Creates an Impressive Winnetka Entry

    bluestone walk with formal boxwood hedge and decomposed granite drive This magnificent home’s garden extends beautifully into the front yard. Landscaping ideas such as carefully manicured boxwood hedges, red decomposed granite pathways and surfaces, and bluestone slabs are carried through to the formal entry for a consistently elegant look. The geometric lines and the proportions determined in the expansive rear and side gardens are established...
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    Decomposed Granite Path and Driveway in Winnetka

    decomposed granite pathway with formal boxwood hedge A decomposed granite path adds casual elegance to pathways, the driveway and parking surface. It is reminiscent of the gravel pathways lined by linear boxwood hedges in French parterre gardens. Decomposed granite is weathered rock that has been worn into smaller pieces of crushed stone. The effect is natural and inviting, and is easy to...
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    Professionally Maintained Landscape in Winnetka, Illinois

    manicured winnetka illinois landscape A winding boxwood hedge adds structure to the landscape. The shrubs, lush perennials and turf are carefully manicured and managed for optimal health and beauty. Soil treatment keeps the hydrangeas pink to harmonize with the home and nearby astilbe.
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    Van Zelst
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