Stunning Formal Garden in Winnetka, Illinois

Boxwood shrubs enclose perennial plant beds overflowing with hydrangeas. Daylilies and astilbe add punches of color. Shade flowers and a variety of trees add color and texture to the landscape.

Front Yard Landscaping Creates an Impressive Winnetka Entry

This magnificent home’s garden extends beautifully into the front yard. Landscaping ideas such as carefully manicured boxwood hedges, red decomposed granite pathways and surfaces, and bluestone slabs are carried through to the formal entry for a consistently elegant look.

The geometric lines and the proportions determined in the expansive rear and side gardens are established in front yard landscaping, setting the tone from the moment visitors approach the home.

Traditional formal garden elements, including a stone sculpture and spiral-pruned arborvitae, give the front yard landscape its own personality.

Crushed Stone Driveway in Winnetka

This crushed stone driveway is made from decomposed granite and lends a gracious air to an expansive driveway and parking surface. Fieldstone slabs delineate the edges of the driveway and parking lot, gradually giving way to the red crushed stone used in walking paths throughout the landscape.

An attractive and practical choice, crushed stone is environmentally friendly—the permeable driveway material provides natural drainage, and is easy to install and maintain.

When the family entertains, guests can park on the crushed stone surface then follow the natural bluestone walkway to the home.

Decomposed Granite Path and Driveway in Winnetka

A decomposed granite path adds casual elegance to pathways, the driveway and parking surface. It is reminiscent of the gravel pathways lined by linear boxwood hedges in French parterre gardens.

Decomposed granite is weathered rock that has been worn into smaller pieces of crushed stone. The effect is natural and inviting, and is easy to install and maintain.

Decomposed granite is available in a variety of colors to suit a variety of aesthetics—for this home red and grey shades complement other hardscape used throughout the landscape.

Professionally Maintained Landscape in Winnetka, Illinois

A winding boxwood hedge adds structure to the landscape. The shrubs, lush perennials and turf are carefully manicured and managed for optimal health and beauty. Soil treatment keeps the hydrangeas pink to harmonize with the home and nearby astilbe.

Winnetka Bluestone Patio Draws Focus to a Garden Fountain

Arced lines and a bronze garden fountain soften the geometry of the formal landscape, while adding the relaxing sounds of water to the classic setting.

A focal point among the intersecting stone pathways and green borders, the garden fountain is an unexpected yet fitting addition. Water features and statuary are often incorporated into landscapes inspired by French parterre gardens to help anchor the design and add interest.

Traditional parterre elements, such as a sophisticated stone patio and boxwood hedges, are balanced and brought up to date by playful annual flowers outlining the garden fountain surround.

Garden Statue Enhances a Formal Winnetka Landscape

Garden art, such as this classically inspired garden statue, adds interest to the order and organization of a formal estate garden. The garden statue becomes the focal point of the many linear views created by hardscape walls, bluestone patios, grassy walkways and boxwood hedges.

In more formal settings, statuary enhances the personality of the landscape. In this case, it’s well suited to the elegance and scale of the home and plantings, as well as the homeowners’ personal style.

Garden statues, as well as fountains and other outdoor decor, can elevate the landscape to something truly personal and unique.

Winnetka Shady Pathway Garden

Green foliage and trees, punctuated by orange daylilies and purple salvia, bring interest to a shady pathway garden. Diverse hues and textures ensure that the view from the casual decomposed granite pathway changes with every step.

Daylilies Star in Winnetka Perennial Bed

Lush plantings of white hydrangeas, red-orange daylilies and pink astilbe add lightness and color to the classic garden space. Foliage in a variety of shapes, heights and colors contribute texture and depth.

Winnetka Red Brick Paver Patio and Outdoor Room

Arranged on an expanse of red brick pavers, this outdoor dining area feels cozy, as if it’s ensconced in its own outdoor room. The herringbone pattern—reminiscent of a fine parquet dining room floor—is enclosed within rectangular bluestone slabs. This is an unexpected approach, as bluestone fields and red brick paver accents are used elsewhere on the patio.

A carefully trimmed boxwood hedge adds another layer of enclosure, creating an intimate space within the larger landscape.

All-green plantings, including boxwood shrubs, a low pachysandra border, and a bank of mature trees, showcase the texture and visual interest that can be achieved through varying shades of green.