Winnetka (before 1/5)

North Shore drainage problems are well known, and this property required a reliable solution that would keep water from pooling at the rear of the lot.

In addition, the dilapidated asphalt drive and dated flagstone walk were in need of replacement, and an upgrade to complement the home’s new brick facade was in order. Beyond a few shrubs, plantings were virtually nonexistent, with turf commanding much of the views from the home and street. With a complete renovation of the house underway, it was time to reconsider plantings, hardscape and the homeowner’s overall goals for the landscape.

Winnetka (before 2/5)

Winnetka (before 3/5)

Winnetka (before 4/5)

Winnetka (before 5/5)

Lincoln Park (before 1/5)

As with many city properties, the landscaping this 25-foot lot included a small, rectangular patch of grass surrounded by a few low shrubs and perennials, making the iron fence a focal point of the garden. Nothing had been done to take advantage of the one direction the plantings could go—up.

Before this young family moved in, nothing had been done to add color, texture, curves or height to the landscape. Nor did the environment contribute the storage and kid-friendly features the family desired.

Lincoln Park (before 2/5)

Lincoln Park (before 3/5)

Lincoln Park (before 4/5)

Lincoln Park (before 5/5)