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    Photo Gallery

    stone front entry steps
    Stone Front Entry Steps in Wilmette Illinois
    The stone steps are Idaho Gold flagstone and the risers are thin Oakfield veneer.
    green gate and fence with lattice top
    Custom Lattice Topped Gate with Circular Cutout
    Arched topped gate with circular cutout and lattice top.
    Shade Garden Seating in Park Ridge IL
    A shady spot to sit and relax along a flagstone stepper pathway.
    Mailbox Planter in Park Ridge IL Garden
    Whimsical mailbox planted with annuals.
    Cupola Garden Art | Mixed Border | Park Ridge Landscape
    Cupola garden art made by the homeowner is the focal point of the garden.
    Cherub on Lannonstone Seat Wall
    Cherub with wings sits pensively on a lannon stone seat wall in Park Ridge IL garden.
    Adding Water to a Glenview Landscape
    A sunken urn-shaped fountain provides a rustic, sensory touch.
    Incorporating Garden Art in Northbrook
    A friendly cherub rests among mature green and variegated hostas, and bold giant alliums.
    fountain surrounded by curved bluestone in winnetka illinois
    Winnetka Bluestone Patio Draws Focus to a Garden Fountain
    Arced lines and a bronze garden fountain soften the geometry of the formal landscape, while adding the relaxing sounds of water to the classic setting.
    butterfly garden sculpture with pink astilbe
    Lighthearted Garden Bench
    Stone pavers lead to a shady spot to perch among the trees and tall, pink astilbe.
    formal boxwood hedge in winnetka IL
    Formal Boxwood Hedges in Winnetka
    Carefully manicured boxwood hedges follow the geometric lines of the stone wall and the home’s exterior.
    Twin Lakes Window Boxes
    Annuals spill out of window boxes, echoing the colors of plant beds.
    formal garden with statue in winnetka, illinois
    Garden Statue Enhances a Formal Winnetka Landscape
    Garden art, such as this classically inspired garden statue, adds interest to the order and organization of a formal estate garden.
    manicured winnetka illinois landscape
    Professionally Maintained Landscape in Winnetka, Illinois
    A winding boxwood hedge adds structure to the landscape.
    New Stone Walkway Each Season
    Flowering plants are staged for new views from week to week.
    Ornamentals Add Visual Appeal
    Flowering trees and shrubs complement mature trees.
    Blending Cultural Influences
    Globally inspired details fit in a calm American garden.
    A Weathered Waterfall in Northbrook
    The pool and seatwall appear aged to match existing stone.
    redbud tree with spring bulbs
    Blooms Herald Spring
    Redbud blossoms and bulbs provide long-awaited color.
    fountain shaped like a goose with mexican black pebbles and impatiens
    Whimsical Water Feature
    A river rock bed adds a glossy sheen to the plant beds.
    shade garden with birdbath in the foreground
    A Mature Shade Garden in Wilmette
    Giant hosta leaves gain more texture each year.
    Stone Firepit in Dundee
    A stone firepit echoes the building’s original exterior.
    Glenview landscaping project featuring Lannon stone and bluestone spa.
    Lannon Stone and Bluestone Spa in Glenview
    The spa fills the landscape with the relaxing sounds of a waterfall.
    An Urban Garden in Lincoln Park Makes the Most of a Small Space
    Varying plant heights maximizes a small space.
    Arranged for Entertaining
    Discrete seating areas encourages guests to mingle.
    lake geneva landscape with rustic bridge
    Breathtaking Lake Geneva Estate
    A rustic bridge connects two sides of the property.
    front entry courtyard, side view.
    Thinking Big in an Urban Setting
    Every inch of a 50-foot lot is fully detailed.
    Lake Geneva landscaping project by van zelst featuring large fountain and bronze statue.
    Personalizing a Lake Geneva Garden
    A natural waterfall draws the eye to a beloved bronze.
    granite millstone fountain with Mexican blue pebbles and large bed of impatiens
    Granite Millstone Fountain in Wilmette, Illinois
    This granite millstone fountain, surrounded by pachysandra and colorful impatiens, draws visitors and birds to this shady spot.
    A Carefree Habitat
    Daylilies and a birdbath draw butterflies and birds.
    orange lilys mixed with white hydrangea
    High-Contrast Color
    White hydrangeas amplify warm oranges and reds.
    Sun-Loving Perennials in Northbrook
    At the height of summer, blooms look to the sky.
    two black iron chairs in shaded patio garden
    Plants for Shady Spaces
    A hosta garden showcases variety in size and color.
    Uncommon Containers
    Beautiful and varied, using mostly foliage.
    Colorful, Vibrant Leaves
    Note how most of the color is from foliage plants.
    A Quiet Corner
    A shady corner is the perfect home for a statue.
    Containers Enlarge the Footprint
    Potted annuals inject more color into a city lot.
    highland park landscaping project featuing crushed red granite and bluestone patio.
    A Shady Place to Chat
    Gravel and bluestone set the stage for socializing.
    A Grand Fountain in Lincoln Park
    A peaceful addition gives kids a place to splash.
    granite millstone fountain
    Unwinding with Water
    A broken path meanders around a granite fountain.
    A Burst of Vivid Color
    Summer annuals grow quickly, spilling from urns.
    Adding Height and Interest
    A fanciful planter personalizes a shady corner.
    Containers Soften the Setting
    Urns overflowing with annuals brighten the entry.
    An Outdoor Dining Room
    Stone and floral “walls” outline the space.
    The Finishing Touch—Containers
    Annuals in urns echo the colors of perennial beds.
    A Grand City Entrance
    Flagstone and pavers form a unique welcome.
    Lake Bluff IL granite millstone fountain with Mexican black pebbles and impatiens installed by Van Zelst, Inc.
    Granite Millstone Fountain
    Water enhances the garden with peaceful sounds.
    Van Zelst
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