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    french drain

    Drainage Problems as Garden Opportunities.

    As a lifetime baseball player, I recall wet cleats from early spring practices. If you are a pet owner, maybe this translates into muddy paws needing to be wiped off every time you let your four legged friend in through the back door.  I remember growing up, having a March 4th birthday, that even if it was nice enough to do something outside (which was always my first choice), it was typically too soggy to do anything fun.

    Now, as I spend more time working on cleaning up and bringing my own landscape back to life after a long winter, as our Van Zelst crews are doing on many variable properties each spring, we also battle soggy conditions and muddy boots.  This is a great time to focus in on the problem areas of your property and look to make adjustments, increasing positive drainage, which will contribute to overall plant health, less pest and disease management and more functional use of these problem areas.

    One way to address such problem areas is to help the water to move through the area more rapidly and give it an intended place to go.  These places become areas where plants loving moisture or “wet feet” will not just survive, but thrive.  This application has a few different names in the landscape design realm; French Drain, Dry Stream Bed, Bio-swale, Rain Garden, but they all serve the same purpose, to move sitting, stagnant water through a saturated area to a more desirable location where the water absorption can be spread out over a wider area and made available for intended plants in your landscape.



    Another way to address these soggy areas is to re-route downspouts into underground PVC pipes to move water away from the foundation of your home, or from one wet area of your property to another.  Again, spreading out the saturation area and water distribution on your property to distribute the availability of available water to more plants.

    During this muddy boots season, as you are walking around your own property and notice these problem areas, take note and call us for a free consultation on the best way to address your grading and drainage problems.  We are sure to come up with a creative and cost effective solution that will contribute to the functionality and value of your property.

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