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    Small Spaces. Big Impact.

    While we often showcase our larger landscape projects, we are just as skilled at creating glorious landscapes in smaller spaces. Many clients in the city and older, established neighborhoods have limited space–but that doesn’t mean they have to limit their imagination.

    In a compact space, functionality and flow are paramount. Details stand out. And the whole garden must work together at a glance. But the foundations of good design, careful preparation and well-executed maintenance are the same, whether you have a tiny lot or acres of open space.

    For example, in a smaller space, we’re likely to recommend long blooming perennials that make the most of the available footprint.  We bring shady spaces to life with the right plants and use of hardscape elements. An emphasis on architectural shapes, containers and vertical elements takes full advantage of the space available.  And carefully planned structures or stonework can support the way you entertain.

    By looking at each space as a unique opportunity and applying solid landscaping principles, the Van Zelst team can create beautiful outdoor environments in the most unexpected places.

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