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    Let’s talk about 3D models

    At Van Zelst we believe that one of the most valuable tools to show a client is a 3D rendering of their potential project. A rendered plan is wonderful in many ways, but to an untrained eye – it can be a bit confusing. These 3D models gives the architect/designer the capacity to model a variety of different plans.  Having a 3D model that demonstrates how spaces relate to one another makes a world of difference.

    These models allow us to easily tweak aspects of the landscape plan before we even step on site.  We can:

    • show different kinds of hardscapes; brick vs. bluestone.
    • show changes in elevations or slopes.
    • manipulate the time of day to see how it might look to the client: morning, noon and night.
    • show mature plantings in the sketch up model.

    Here are just few examples to inspire you landscape dreams.  Call us when you are ready for yours!

    Here we can easily show what a bluestone patio might look like and the location of a built in grill.

    In this model we can see how the mature landscape incorporates with the hardscape addition.

    This model shows a vertical element (pergola) that can be lost on a flat plan.

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