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    How to keep the deer away!

    We all want to bring nature to our yard, but sometimes nature can be aggressive; as in deer eating your plants! Deer can be a real nuisance at times. There are several options to deter them from eating your ever loved outdoor sanctuary.

    First thoughts are a fence will deter them. The problem is that deer can easily jump a six foot high fence (the average height of an installed fence), when startled they can jump even an eight foot fence or higher. So a fence might help but is not fool proof, it’s also another added expense.

    There are chemical deterrents that work really well. The pitfalls of these is that they are generally strong smelling (as that is what is repelling the deer) and you too will be able to smell the deterrent. There are some natural smell deterrents that do work, but won’t be a long term fix. We like to use Milorganite (fertilizer) for a spring and summer control, it is the treated byproduct of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, waste treatment plant. Another organic product we like to use is Deer Scram. I’ve also been told by some nurserymen to hang Irish spring soap on trees in the fall.

    But the best option is to close the deer salad bar, in other words change up your plants in your garden. There are a number of plants that deer love to eat, omit those plants and you won’t have the problem. Here is a list of plants that are not on the deer menu!

    Deer Resistant Plants:
    Alchemilla/Lady’s Mantle
    Allium/Ornamental Onion
    Amsonia/Blue Stars
    Brunnera/False Forget Me Not
    Cimicifuga/Bugbane, Snakeroot
    Dicentra/Bleeding Heart
    Heuchera/Coral Bells
    Leucanthemum/Shasta Daisy
    Liatris/Blazing Star
    Monarda/Bee Balm
    Perovskia/Russian Sage
    Rudbeckia/Black Eyed Susan

    to name a few…check out our Gallery of Deer Resistant Plants we grow!

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