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    How to be chemical free…

    As a parent I try to keep chemicals out of my child’s day to day life, or as much of it as I can control. Now since this isn’t a parenting blog; but about landscaping, I’m going to get right to it. Did you know there is an organic option right under your feet, like literally a few feet under the ground? Well here at Van Zelst, we like to use worm castings, Vermicompost and Vermi-extract, as an organic fertilizer alternative. Not only does it fertilize, but also makes a good soil conditioner and supplies key nutrients for your garden to grow and creates a lush green lawn.

    Van Zelst relies on TerraVesco Vermicompost and TerraVesco Vermi-extract soil amendments. Research proves that these high-performance products introduce important macro- and micronutrients into the soil, nourishing plants and fighting disease and pests. And we’ve seen it first hand these last few years how much it improves the vitality of gardens and lawns.

    Are you interested in trying this all organic approach? If so contact us here, or do you want to try it yourself? You can purchase directly from You’ll be happy you tried it!

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